A View On Quantum Computing

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AWS Takes the Short and Long View of Quantum Computing

… 30 “We present a comprehensive architectural analysis for a proposed fault-tolerant quantum computer based on cat codes concatenated with outer (1)

… 17 One of the key problems is noise: current qubits are error-prone and there are not yet ways of correcting such quantum errors. So if the (2)

Quantum computing is harder than herding kittens

… 12 The assumption has been that a quantum computer would need millions of quantum bits or qubits to be reliable enough to crack RSA encryption.(3)

… 8 Based on the information he shared it seems that the combination of QCI and QPhoton capabilities can deliver a quantum computer that makes (4)

An Optimist’s View of the 4 Challenges to Quantum Computing

… 22 Quantum computers promise an exponential increase in power compared with today’s classical CMOS-based systems. This increase is of a magnitude (5)

… 23 Quantum computers are suitable for intractable problems because they have a theoretical ability to perform exponentially increasing numbers of (6)

Using Quantum Computers to Test the Fundamentals of Physics

… 25 A quantum system lacking interference can be described using classical rules rather than quantum ones. The newly developed algorithm searches (7)

… · Cited by 202 — · Cited by 202First proposed in the 1980s as a way to improve computational modeling of quantum systems the field of quantum computing has recently garnered significant (8)

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