A View On Quantum Computing In Finance

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Is the finance sector quantum ready? – Investment Monitor

… 23 t The global quantum computing market size is set to reach $1.77bn by up from $472m in at a compound annual growth rate of 30.2% (1)

… 12 Quantum computers can transform the financial system as they can solve many problems considerably faster and more accurately than the most (2)

Let’s Talk Quantum In Banking & Finance – Engati

… 19 Quantum computing could lead to a range of applications such as analyzing large areas of heterogeneous data to make financial predictions and (3)

… 12 Major financial institutions Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Chase and HSBC are poised to become the most enthusiastic users of quantum computers.(4)

Quantum computing and the future of financial services

… 7 Today quantum computing is becoming a reality. According to one recent survey 69% of global enterprises have already adopted or plan to adopt (5)

… 18 By using quantum computers for regression Parameterized Quantum Circuits can be trained as function estimators by finding the mathematical (6)

Quantum Computing for Finance: State of the Art and Future …

… by DJ Egger · · Cited by 126 — by DJ Egger · · Cited by 126Abstract: This article outlines our point of view regarding the applicability state-of-the-art and potential of quantum computing for (7)

… With its promise of incredible power quantum computing (QC) is a game-changing prospect for financial players. It’s a breakthrough that will reduce risk and (8)

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