A View On Quantum Cryptography

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A closer look at: post-quantum cryptography – Inria

… 16 Quantum computers are expected to be capable of breaking existing cryptographic algorithms threatening the security of our data.(1)

… by F Song · · Cited by 78 — by F Song · · Cited by 78However security of these schemes against quantum attacks is elusive. This is because existing security analysis (almost) only deals with classical attackers (2)


… Within the decade a quantum computer will be realized that has the computing power and stability to break the public key encryption protocols such as RSA and (4)

Post-Quantum Cryptography: Current state and … – ENISA



Post-Quantum Cryptography | CSRC

… If large-scale quantum computers are ever built they will be able to break many of the public-key cryptosystems currently in use. This would seriously (7)

… Quantum computing is inevitable cryptography prepares for the future · Quantum computers will crack modern cryptographic algorithms · Quantum-resistant (8)

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