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Quantum machine learning beyond kernel methods – arXiv


… 8 Quantum machine learning is a powerful tool that aims to power the digital transformation that so many organizations are gradually embracing (2)

Quantum Machine Intelligence | Home – Springer

… The first scientific journal that highlights the synergies between quantum computing and artificial intelligence · Promotes a synthesis of the research areas of (3)

… by V Dunjko · · Cited by 57 — by V Dunjko · · Cited by 57A more comprehensive view is that quantum machine learning is simply the field exploring the connections between quantum computing and (4)

Quantum Machine Learning – edX

… Quantum computers are becoming available which begs the question: what are we going to use them for? Machine learning is a good candidate.(5)

… Quantum computers aren’t expected to speed up every machine-learning algorithm. However scientists have found a number of quantum algorithms that promise (6)

What You Need To Get Started With Quantum Machine Learning


… 4 Machine Learning Gets a Quantum Speedup Two teams have shown how quantum approaches can solve problems faster than classical computers (8)

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