A View On Quantum Sensing

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Probing the advantages of quantum sensors

… 9 Harnessing that trait is at the core of quantum sensors’ superpower. A sensor can use qubits to establish any functional amount of quantum (1)

… 28 Still Yonatan Kahn a theoretical physicist at UIUC says quantum sensors open the way to testing new ideas for what dark matter might be. “You (2)

Entangling Quantum Sensors Can Triple Accuracy


… by CL Degen · · Cited by 2143 — by CL Degen · · Cited by 2143“Quantum sensing” describes the use of a quantum system quantum properties or quantum phenomena to perform a measurement of a physical (4)

Toward real application of quantum sensing and metrology

… “Quantum sensing and metrology” is a relatively new research field. However this research field is growing rapidly because of some outstanding features that (5)


Focus on Quantum Sensors for New-Physics Discoveries

… Extraordinary progress in quantum sensors and technologies opens new avenues for exploring the Universe and testing the assumptions forming the basis of modern (7)

… Quantum sensors promise new levels of accuracy. Now researchers in Austria have developed what they say is the first programmable quantum sensor a device Quantum effects are incredibly vulnerable to outside interference a fact that quantum sensors capitalize on to help detect the slightest disturbances in their (8)

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