A View On Quantum Theory

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Philosophical Issues in Quantum Theory


… 3 (2)

Quantum and systems theory in world society – SAGE Journals

… One could actually rather claim that systems theory to a quite significant degree ‘does’ quantum theory for the natural while quantum theory ‘does’ systems (3)

… by D Aerts · · Cited by 59 — by D Aerts · · Cited by 59The specific and very classical perception of human seeing—light as a geometric theory—and human touching—only ruled by Pauli’s exclusion (4)

Interpretations of quantum mechanics – Wikipedia


… Quantum mechanics (in the form of quantum electrodynamics) correctly predicts the magnetic moment of the electron to an accuracy of about one part in a trillion (6)

A New Theorem Maps Out the Limits of Quantum Physics


… by D Sokolovski · · Cited by 7 — by D Sokolovski · · Cited by 7We analyse a proposition which considers quantum theory as a mere tool for calculating probabilities for sequences of outcomes of observations (8)

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