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Regulatory technology (RegTech) | EY

… Since the 2008 financial crisis there has been a flood of regulations impacting the banking industry. Firms did not have time to focus on technology so manual (1)


EBA analysis of RegTech in the EU financial sector

… RegTech defined as any range of applications of technology-enabled innovation for regulatory compliance and reporting requirements implemented by a regulated (3)

… by M Becker · · Cited by 11 — by M Becker · · Cited by 11We provide a high-level view on topics addressed in scientific articles about regulatory technology (RegTech) with a particular focus on (4)

The real promise of regulatory technology | TechCrunch

… 9 The global cost to the financial services industry of compliance with regulatory authorities is estimated at $100 billion per year — a number (5)


RegTech is the new FinTech How agile regulatory … – Deloitte



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