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Renewable energy | Greenpeace UK

… Clean renewable energy is a vital tool in our plans to reduce the worst effects of climate change. Replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar to power our (1)


Renewable energy in emergent countries: lessons from …

… by K Choukri · · Cited by 74 — by K Choukri · · Cited by 74Morocco has an overall vision towards sustainable development. After adopting a National Energy Strategy (NES) with corresponding targets in (3)

… by S Spillias · · Cited by 37 — by S Spillias · · Cited by 37The point of these targets is to accelerate the expansion of renewables and thereby address climate change in a timely manner. Few would argue (4)

The role of renewable energy in the global energy …

… by D Gielen · · Cited by 2136 — by D Gielen · · Cited by 2136Higher energy efficiency and much a higher share of renewable energy are the two pillars of energy transition in the REmap Case. Fig. 1 shows that renewable (5)


Vision and mission – IRENA


… by PA Owusu · · Cited by 1778 — by PA Owusu · · Cited by 1778The return-to-renewables will help mitigate climate change is an excellent way but needs to be sustainable in order to ensure a sustainable future and bequeath (8)

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