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Secure Code Coach: Secure coding best practices


… 5 While many developers acknowledge the importance of applying a security-led approach in the software development lifecycle 86% do not view (2)

The Resources Hub | Secure Code Warrior

… Embrace developer-driven secure coding. Contact us today and make software security an intrinsic part of your development process. Try NowBook a Demo.(3)

… It provides a more complete set of security-specific coding guidelines targeted at the Java programming language. These guidelines are of interest to all Java (4)

Secure Code Warrior: Secure Code Training for Developers

… Secure Code Warrior helps developers write more secure code. We are focused on bringing an innovative approach to developer security training.(5)

… 10 The survey revealed that the concept of working with secure code was quite siloed for the average developer with their scope often limited to a (6)

What is Secure Coding? – Definition from Techopedia

… IT professionals understand that each type of device technology and operating system has its own vulnerabilities to a range of security issues including cyber- (7)

… 3 We’ve looked at 400+ organizations to identify the three stages of security maturity. How security-savvy are your developer teams? · Secure Code (8)

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