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Overview of security and compliance – Microsoft Teams

… 27 (1)

… 24 System admins and customizers can use this feature to meet security and compliance policies. Audit Summary view (all audit logs).(2)

Regulatory compliance Microsoft cloud security benchmark

… 12 The compliance dashboard gives you a view of your overall compliance standing. Security for non-Azure platforms follows the same (3)

… 21 You can view your own permissions on the eDiscovery (Premium) cmdlet in Security & Compliance PowerShell to add a mail-enabled security (4)

Security & Compliance – Microsoft Adoption

… Get started with Microsoft 365 security and compliance features to secure your environment and protect your data.(5)

… This pledge one we do not make lightly assures our clients that Long View is a secure business partner with whom they can confidently entrust their business – (6)

Permissions in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal

… This update means you’ll no longer have to use the Office 365 Security To view the Permissions tab in the compliance portal users need to be a global (7)

… Use the Content search eDiscovery tool in the compliance center to search for can help your organization manage data security and compliance needs.(8)

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