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Chapter 1. Introduction to Security Operations and the SOC

… This book focuses on the best practices to develop and operate a security operations center (SOC). The journey begins with a review of important concepts (1)

… how you view security operations makes a difference in how fast your organization can deliver software and mitigate breach damage. A bigger-picture view (2)

Cybersecurity trends in 2023: Modernizing security operations


… With Security Operations Centers (SOC) we can improve detection by combining more and more data sources. Methodologies like machine learning can help learn (4)

A systematic method for measuring the performance of a cyber …

… by E Agyepong · — by E Agyepong · Security Operations Centres (SOCs) have had much increase in use and popularity in recent times and have become an active topic of research (Ahmad nard (5)

… 20 As a Security Operations Center (SOC) manager you need to have overall efficiency metrics and measures at your fingertips to gauge the (6)

Security operations in Azure | Microsoft Learn

… 26 SecOps (sometimes referred to as a Security Operations Center (SOC)) has a critical role to play in limiting the time and access an attacker can (7)


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