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Smart Manufacturing 2.0 series – Deloitte

… Nowadays the strategical importance of smart factories is undeniable as early adopters have reported operating more efficiently and driving more to the bottom (1)

… Smarter factories. Machine vision is central to the idea of the ‘smart factory’ based upon a communicating network and the intelligent exchange of information (2)

Smart Factories: How can manufacturers realize the – Capgemini

… The smart factory revolution is part of the broader digital transformation of the manufacturing industry (see Figure 3). A smart factory draws on a number of (3)


Deloitte’s Global Smart Factory network

… Our Smart Factories blend physical and virtual experiences powered by industry leading ecosystem relationships to help transform your digital production (5)


What is smart manufacturing | Oracle Belgium


… 21 As COVID-19 necessitates greater agility and speed leaders should consider engaging in smart manufacturing ecosystems to accelerate digital (8)

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