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What Is a Smart Home? – Vivint

… 10 A smart home is a group of programmable connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices that use Wi-Fi Bluetooth Zigbee or Z-Wave technology (1)


Smart Home Definition | Smart Security Systems Components

… A smart home can be as simple as adding smart light bulbs to your existing home or as complex as having a central hub that is the hub of your entire home.(3)


Why Consumers Are Not Embracing the Smart Home



Identifying the Key Drivers and Barriers of Smart Home Adoption

… by B Basarir-Ozel · · Cited by 2 — by B Basarir-Ozel · · Cited by 2business side regarding the penetration of smart home technologies (SHTs) into consumers’ lives. Based on the opinions of industry experts (7)

… These days smarthome hub systems are available to manage disparate functions through one centralized interface that can be accessed on a user’s smartphone (8)

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