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… We publish original research papers authoritative reviews and leading opinions that drive innovation in the manufacturing and processing of advanced materials (2)

From chromic switchable hydrazones to smart materials

… by TA Khattab · · Cited by 56 — by TA Khattab · · Cited by 56Macroscopic smart architectures have been developed from switchable molecular hydrazones. •. Hydrazone-based sensors present a protection tool (3)

… Smart materials have much to offer over other “dumb” materials since their material properties vary controllably and reversibly as a result of stress (4)

Smart Materials-I (Introduction) – YouTube


… Smart Materials for Smart Living has a wide range of materials that are involved in the things that govern our day to day lives. Applications of SMNFs are used (6)

Polymer-based smart materials by printing technologies

… by J Oliveira · · Cited by 134 — by J Oliveira · · Cited by 134The rapid growth in smart materials technologies strongly supports the successful implementation of IoT allowing a global network where everyone and everything (7)

… by FA Hassani · · Cited by 65 — by FA Hassani · · Cited by 65Smart materials offer a significant role in on our lives covering various sensing and actuation applications in healthcare due to their responsivity to (8)

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