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What is threat modeling? Definition, Methods, Example

… Threat modelling is a method for upgrading the security of an application system or business process by distinguishing objections and weaknesses.(1)

… Threat modeling methods are used to create an abstraction of the system; profiles of potential attackers including their goals and methods; and a catalog of (2)

Threat Modeling and Cybersecurity | Enterprise Architect User …

… A Threat model is encapsulated in a Trust diagram a specific version of a Data Flow diagram. From the diagram potential threats are identified and for each (3)

… 23 The aim of the threat modeling process is to get a clear picture of various assets of the organization the possible threats to these assets (4)

Introduction – Threat Modeling [Book] – O’Reilly Media



Threat Modeling Tool feature overview – Azure – Microsoft Learn


… The definition of threat modeling is a process by which potential threats such as structural vulnerabilities can be identified enumerated and prioritized – (8)

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