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Technological innovation in solid waste management

… 17 Digital technologies with greater exposure in the solid waste sector are known as Smart Waste Technologies (SWT) and they contain elements of (1)

… 14 Sanjay Patnaik and Michael Allegretti discuss a variety of topics related to the waste management industry.(2)

Managing and Reducing Wastes: A Guide for Commercial …

… 27 Many organizations are content simply to establish a system for removing trash. Increasingly greater attention is being paid to waste (3)

… 2 The 5 Best Waste Management Technologies That Improve Efficiency · 1. Solar-Powered Trash Compactors · 2. Plasma Waste Disposal · 3. Electronics (4)

What a Waste: An Updated Look into the Future of Solid …

… 20 Yes. Research suggests that it does make economic sense to invest in sustainable waste management. Uncollected waste and poorly disposed waste (5)

… The program is designed for any interested individuals seeking to learn the most updated information in recycling and solid waste management. The program (6)

Waste treatment technologies


… by SV Akram · · Cited by 9 — by SV Akram · · Cited by 9In general the traditional solid waste management (SWM) approach taken by municipal authorities for waste collection in urban areas must be enhanced to achieve (8)

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