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Evolution of Wearable Devices in Health Coaching – Frontiers


… 1 While health care companies produce a range of devices that help patients monitor health markers intermittently—including blood pressure cuffs (2)

Employee acceptance of wearable technology in the workplace

… by JV Jacobs · · Cited by 113 — by JV Jacobs · · Cited by 113Use cases for wearable technology in the workplace are being developed to for example: (a) monitor productivity (b) identify and intervene on safety hazards (3)

… Building on extensive research and publications into all of the most relevant emerging technologies for the wearable market this report presents a detailed (4)

Data quality, interoperability, health equity, fairness – PLOS

… by S Canali · — by S Canali · While this is not a systematic representation of all possible or future applications of wearable devices we identify 4 main functions that (5)


Acceptance of Wearable Technology: A Meta-Analysis



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