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Certificate Programme in Advanced Marketing Analytics | IIM …


… Analytics can also offer insight into the types of product features consumers want. keting teams can pass this information on to product development for (2)

Google Analytics Academy

… Learn about advanced Google Analytics features including data collection processing and configuration and more complex analysis and marketing tools.(3)

… keting teams need to take a critical look at their current capabilities. Before they consider advanced tech like predictive analytics they must fill the (4)

Courses – Advanced Marketing Analytics – Study at UniSA

… This course offers theoretical and operational tools to conduct proper analyses of marketing data for decision making. Upon completion students will (5)

… 4 Gaps in your keyword strategy can make or break your paid search campaigns. By tracking conversions that come from PPC or display you can spot (6)

Marketing analytics | Università degli Studi di Milano Statale

… Actually marketers need to constantly develop strategies able to create tailored and customized touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey (i.e. (7)


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