659 Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas & Strategies for 2021

659 Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas & Strategies for 2021

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BizToolsPro is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

BizToolsPro is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Have you been looking for the most profitable affiliate niches & strategies? Get your creative juices flowing with the 659 Profitable Niche Markets Free Guide for affiliates. Scroll down this page for a full description of the 7 profitable categories contained in the e-Book.

659 Niche Markets

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    Organized by 7 categories:
  • Money, Health, Hobbies, Relationships, + 3 more profitable categories. 659 niche markets in total.
The 659 Profitable Niche Markets in the Free Guide are organized by the following 7 categories chosen with affiliate profits in mind:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Niche IdeasMoney – This can be a very profitable affiliate niche category. It includes everything from making money, to managing money, to insuring against losses. Anything that can have an impact on a person’s financial situation is sure to have a hungry crowd searching for solutions. These affiliate niches also tend to be the most crowded and competitive. If you are just starting out, you may want to start with an easier affiliate marketing niche category.
  2. Health – Everyone in the world struggles with health issues. If you think you can help them out, this may be the affiliate marketing niche category for you. The number of affiliate products you can promote in the health niche is staggering.
  3. Hobbies – People spend a ton of money on their hobbies. They do it because it is fun. However, a better word for committed hobbyists may be obsessed. They are extremely motivated to spend money in the pursuit of their hobby.  The 659 Profitable Niche Markets Free Guide includes lots of affiliate marketing ideas in the Hobbies category.
  4. Relationships – What is the one thing that can destroy your enthusiasm for your hobbies, or anything else for that matter? That’s right, if there is a problem with your relationships, or if you feel a void from the lack of a certain kind of relationship, nothing else seems to matter. The relationship affiliate marketing niche category may well be the hungriest crowd of all.
  5. How To – The affiliate niche categories listed so far have plenty of opportunity to use a “how to” approach. Like how to fix a relationship, or make money, or solve a health problem, or pursue a hobby. So there can be some overlap between these niche category ideas. I am listing “how to” as a separate category to catch affiliate niche markets like how to manage your time or learn a language. There are a lot of affiliate marketing ideas to consider in this category, as you can see in the Free Guide.
  6. Products and Services – All of the affiliate niche categories listed so far can of course be monetized by promoting all kinds of affiliate products and services. However, there are many products and services that can be treated as an affiliate marketing niche unto themselves. This can be a very profitable approach because your target audience is much closer to the purchase decision. By visiting your site they are self-identifying as already being interested in a particular product. You just need to help them understand which one would be the best fit for their needs. For example, you could create an affiliate niche website or blog that specializes in baby strollers. Review the pros and cons of the various baby strollers on the market and you are in business. Join the Amazon Associates affiliate program and you can position yourself to earn an affiliate commission on each and every one of them.
  7. Business to Business – People in business spend money because it is their job to spend money. Instead of buying one of something, they often need to buy many of the same thing. This is an often over-looked angle in affiliate niche marketing circles. The Free Guide includes a few affiliate niche ideas in this category just to get you thinking about it. If you have experience in a particular business area, the business to business affiliate niche markets could be a good fit for you.