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12 examples of great brand guidelines – Marq

… Brand guidelines cover logos fonts colors visuals voice and tone and other elements that make up brand identity. Style guides can even include a brand’s (1)

… Brand standards are a guide for businesses – from the products and services offered to identifying ideal customers to the look and feel of a organization.(2)

Identity Standards – Ferris State University

… Standards Logo. Ferris State University provides these brand guidelines to help all members of its community represent the university consistently in all (3)

… 28 Brand guidelines are rules a business sets for how it presents itself to the public including its colors fonts voice and design.(4)

Standards – Order – Design

… The approach to branding has evolved so should the tools to design for them. Standards is the new way to design brand guidelines.(5)

… Standards include articulating our brand personality and characteristics defining the use and handling of logos and marks and guidelines for employing (6)

The Importance of a Brand Guide | The Print Shop

… A brand guide contains a set of tools standards and rules on how to use your branding elements like your logo colours and typography.(7)

… This brand guide is a tool that can help us convey a united image. It can’t cover every circumstance. But it provides standards for the most common uses of the (8)

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