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What is Process Mapping? | IBM

… A value stream map (VSM) is a lean six sigma technique which documents the When developing your own business process map you’ll want to leverage this (1)

… 20 t In addition a process flow chart can help you: Provide process documentation compliance and audit. View a visual project from beginning to (2)

What is Business Process Mapping? – Processology

… It is a business process documentation tool that uses visual aids to document and communicate the details of a process across the company. A process map (3)

… 1 Processes and procedures do you know the difference? We explain how to implement process documentation using business process mapping.(4)

Business Process Document – GOV.UK


… document analyze improve streamline and redesign business processes to realize organizational efficiencies. A process map is a visual aid for picturing.(6)

The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Mapping – Triaster

… A process map will typically: Describe the flow of materials information and documents; Show the tasks contained within the process; How a specific task (7)


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