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Capital Structure Management – The Strategic CFO®

… A company’s capital structure refers to the combination of its various sources of funding. Most companies are funded by a mix of debt and equity (1)


The role of capital structure management in maintaining the …

… by LTM Nguyen · — by LTM Nguyen · Her research interests include corporate finance financial analysts banking and accounting. References (76). F.X. Yang (3)

… In building the financial structure of a company financial managers can choose between either debt or equity. Investor demand for both classes of capital can (4)

Optimum capital structure | F9 Financial Management | Students


… Capital Structure is the combination of equity and debt that is put into use by a company in order to finance the overall operations of the company.(6)

Use of Financial Leverage in Corporate Capital Structure

… The amount of debt and equity that makes up a company’s capital structure has many risk and return implications. Therefore corporate management must use a (7)

… Corporate finance is the area of finance that deals with the sources of funding and the capital structure of corporations the actions that managers take (8)

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