CPA marketing strategy: how to find prospects

CPA marketing strategy: how to find prospects


In order for the development of a business to bring high results, it is necessary to create the right strategy. A step-by-step action plan will allow you to identify the strengths of the business, set goals and determine the strategy that will lead to the desired result. The development of a marketing strategy should be entrusted to a specialist in this field, because this will lead to the goals set, save time and money on their implementation. 

What is a strategy in marketing

This term refers to step-by-step instructions for developing a business in order to scale it up and realize commercial plans. A marketing plan is based on an analysis that studies the market, the product being sold with its strengths and weaknesses, and its uniqueness. All this is done by a specialist who prescribes a strategy with steps for its implementation. The situation in the market is always unstable, so you should constantly monitor changes, follow trends and respond to everything in time. 

Types of marketing strategies

The success of the business in the marketplace depends on which strategy you choose. The most effective are global strategies that can take the business to a whole new level. There are several areas that relate to global strategies: 

  • entering foreign markets, familiarizing and strengthening in positions; 
  • expansion of the product line or services, including new areas; 
  • dividing the market into groups in order to provide services to clients from separate segments; 
  • changing the company to meet market standards; 
  • establishing relationships with companies for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Competently performed actions will lead to the fact that your resource with the promoted product will become popular, and it will increase your income. 

Prospects on marketing strategies

Now there are CPA networks that serve as platforms for advertisers and partners to help you sell your services/products, bringing customers to you. Once your marketing strategy is already established, you will need prospects to execute it. The CPA network will come to your aid and serve as an intermediary between you, as a seller and buyer of your product/service. 

CPA network (affiliate program) is a service where an advertiser offers payment for actions such as sales, ordering. They must be performed on your site through the traffic provided by the channel. 

The operation mechanism of the system 

The owner of the service enters into an agreement with various Internet resources to place ads. Affiliates receive a payment in case of completion of the action on the site. After that, the service owner concludes an agreement with the advertiser which specifies the terms of payment with a fixed rate per lead. For the advertiser, the only downside is the high cost of logging in. 

The owner of the network acquires traffic and catches leads, then sells them to someone who sells products/services. Using arbitration, you can protect yourself from fraud by the owner of the network. It’s important to choose a service that will provide good traffic so you don’t have to waste your money. 

When a person starts his own business, he needs guaranteed leads. With the help of SEO, you won’t be able to get them yet, as well as with contextual advertising. In this case, you can create blogs and upload traffic to already created affiliate programs of large stores. They can receive traffic from user visits. Your referral link must be used to purchase products. 


Landing pages can be used to generate leads. Landing pages in terms of affiliates are single-page sites that are used only to capture the visitor’s contact information. They load quickly, contain unique offers, bright images that catch the attention of users, and have buttons for ordering goods. 

A single-page site has a significant disadvantage – it is created not for sales, but to collect data. Such sites can sell if your product has a low cost – the client will order it without hesitation. Also, if your company is very famous and trusted. 

If you have a website, it’s better to use it. Even if it is outdated, it is better to invest in updating it than to create a separate landing page. If we compare the site and the landing page by some indicators, we can get the following results: 

  • conversion – the landing page will have a higher conversion rate than the website; 
  • bounce rates – landing pages have more, the site will have less; 
  • product information – there isn’t enough of it on the landing page, while the website has all the details that are outlined on additional pages; 
  • navigation – the landing page has no risk of losing customers because of this indicator, the site has such a risk. 

Also, trust should not be overlooked. A landing page may raise doubts, and the presence of a website is proof of the reliability of the product seller. 

What guarantees do CPA networks provide  

Each network guarantees a good result. With the help of networks, you can get high-quality traffic, increase in sales and new customers. Many networks guarantee refunds for low-quality traffic. Lead generation provides quick results, compared to SEO promotion, which requires long and hard work. 

What might be the catch

Since the client pays for leads to strangers, they can be cheated on you in a variety of ways. For this, reliable counting algorithms cannot always be applied. Here, call and application generators and forms available on the site are used. It is very easy to wind up such data. Unscrupulous performers may resort to such dishonest methods. 

Also, the same person may use different IP addresses and perform different actions from them (filling out forms and making calls). 

Sometimes SEO companies that get paid per application go for trickery. A client who comes to your site must leave his contacts. In this case, SEO specialists can install hidden buttons, by clicking on which, the client automatically subscribes and gives his data to the site. In the future, you can get a ban from Yandex for this, and it will not be so easy to return everything to its original position.

СРА networks may offer to install their own tracking code. In this case, you need to pay attention to some details in order to avoid unpleasant situations. 

  1. Make sure that the site does not collect information without questionnaires and forms. 
  2. Check if there is information collected by this script and check the user’s registration in social networks. 
  3. Avoid installing codes that collect user information (without their confirmation) for the site owner. This may be the collection of data such as username, social media profile, contacts. You should not go along with such temptation, as there is a big risk for the site owner. 

To get a good stable income, you need to use the services of proven and reliable companies.  Too tempting offers can turn out to be “cheese in a mousetrap” and at best you will waste your money, and at worst the site will be blocked. You can check the reputation of a particular network on independent forums where real people write reviews about cooperation and talk in detail about their experiences.