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What Is Customer Journey Mapping? – The CX Lead

… A customer journey map is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a visual representation of the customer journey that tells the story of how customers experience (1)

… 4 But those that want to transform the overall customer experience may need a bottom-up effort to create a detailed road map for each journey one (2)

How to Understand, Use, and Build Customer Journey Maps

… 14 A customer journey map (sometimes called a user journey map UX map or CJM) is a visualization of a customer’s experience with your brand from (3)

… A customer journey map is a diagram that shows the process your customers go through in interacting with your business such as an experience on the website a (4)

Customer Journey Mapping – The CX Company


… 27 Customer experience management tech provider Quadient has defined customer journey mapping as: “The process of capturing what the customer is (6)

How to Create a Customer Journey Map | Qualtrics

… The off-stage experience: What is going on in the background of this step from your side of the business? Who needs to be present for this step to proceed?(7)

… Customer Journey Mapping is the visualisation of the process a customer goes through in order to get from the first stage of the buying cycle all the way to (8)

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