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Digital product development guide 101 – Icreon

… Digital product development is a process that employs agile methodologies to deliver products rapidly while ensuring regular testing and iterating based on user (1)

… Digital product development in industrial companies: innovative customer-focused solutions are increasingly important · Competitive advantages thanks to digital (2)

The Transformation of the Innovation Process: How Digital …


… 4 Recognise the Importance of Product Management · Define Clear Product Roles and Responsibilities · Determine the Right Learning and Development (4)

Accelerating Product Development In The Age Of Digital …

… 4 I’ve posed this question and more to kick off an engaged discussion about innovations in the medical device and healthcare products industry.(5)

… Product Manager In Digital Transformation: How To Make It Work · Focus on customer needs as well as business needs. · Expertise to prioritize and continuously (6)

Key steps to accelerating digital product innovation – CI&T

… We live in a go-go world where the expectation is that everything happens quickly. In the world of digital product design “Scrum” and “Lean Startup” are the (7)


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