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Product managers for the digital world – McKinsey

… 24 The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making an increased customer and design (1)

… 26 And creating a great customer experience starts at the top: digital product managers must keep design in mind at every stage of development in (2)

Digital Product Management – Udemy


… If you choose our bachelor’s degree you will develop digital product management skills through practical experience as UE can count of a number of industry (4)

Digital Product Management – Broadcom Inc.

… Connecting Clarity to Rally Software gives developer teams the autonomy to optimize delivery – their way. Added transparency shows them how their product (5)

… The Digital Product Management online course will equip participants with the and how to bring them into the traditional product development cycle.(6)

Digital Product Management Online Program – Talent Garden

… Product Management is the art of delivering value both to customers and the business while balancing the short and long-term impact of the Product Development (7)


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