Digital Transformation And Customer Data Management

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The heart of digital transformation – IBM

… Deliver operational master data management for business processes and applications and analytics master data management for self- service customer and product (1)

… Track behaviors across channels. Capture every click search tap and buying signal from any digital touchpoint and leverage actionable insights.(2)

Digital transformation and data management – Pacini Editore

… Francesco Bellini is Professor of Digital Transformation and Data Management at the Faculty of Economics of the Sapienza University of Rome. · Fabrizio D’Ascenzo (3)

… Working with exciting new technologies inspiring cultural and skills change and connecting with our customers are gloriously discussed. Less frequently is it (4)

Data & Digital Transformation – Harvard Business Review

… Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy innovation and leadership for global leaders from the world’s best business and management experts.(5)

… 19 Monica Mullen is Solutions keting Manager at Informatica® responsible for Informatica’s customer centricity and customer data strategy (6)

Data Governance in Digital Transformation – Adservio

… 21 Data governance is a critical component of business digital the way that an organization operates and delivers value to its customers.(7)

… Global heads of marketing know that having access to high quality customer data is the key to making strategic business decisions. Data collection affects (8)

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