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Customer Retention: How to Grow Your eCommerce Business?

… A strong customer retention rate is indicative of a business providing great customer relationships. Building customer loyalty helps businesses grow.(1)

… Ecommerce report template. A report with all the most critical metrics for your eCommerce site like shopping cart abandonment click-through rate and revenue.(2)

Data science for e-commerce to increase customer retention

… According to a Gartner report 30% of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes by by hiring a reliable (3)

… 31 This could correlate with a monthly meeting quarterly report or another time frame that works for your business. You also want your metrics to (4)

Retention analysis: 6 steps to analyze & report on customer …

… The efficiency of customer retention efforts is hard to underestimate. help you adjust the retention strategy and achieve sustainable business growth.(5)

… No matter how you run the numbers customer retention is paramount for ecommerce success. It’s more cost-effective to encourage customer loyalty since it (6)

Why is customer retention important for e-commerce? – Blyp


… 27 your ecommerce store succeeds you need these 11 customer retention Higher revenue: according to KPMG’s customer loyalty report (8)

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