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How to measure success in email marketing

… 4 email marketing metrics to watch · Open rate: The percentage of people who open your email. · Click-through rate: The percentage of people who click on one of (1)

… 7 What are Email keting Metrics and KPIs? As the name suggests the KPIs help you make campaign decisions based on the right goals. With their (2)

Analyze your marketing email campaign performance

… To analyze your email marketing campaigns overall navigate to your email dashboard and click the Analyze tab. Review the reports of your recipient engagement (3)

… 1. Track Sources to Understand Digital keting Campaign KPIs · 2. Track Open Rate as an Email Engagement Metric · 3. Always Look to Reduce Email Bounce Rate as (4)

Email Marketing Analytics – How to Measure? [With Tips to …

… Click-through Rate (CTR) It’s the percentage of recipients who clicked on one of the links in your email. This metric tells you how ‘engaged’ your audience (5)

… The Importance of Email keting Metrics · The Most Valuable Email keting Metrics and KPIs. 1. Open rate. 2. Click-through rate (CTR). 3. Unique clicks and (6)

The 7 most important email marketing metrics for ecommerce

… 24 The 7 most important email marketing metrics for ecommerce · The main ecommerce email metrics you should follow · Conversion rate · Open rate.(7)

… 20 Regardless of what particular indicators are email analytics is a loop of 5 constant stages: monitoring goals KPIs metrics assessment and (8)

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