Entrepreneurial Finance And Equity Crowdfunding

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Equity crowdfunding and early stage entrepreneurial finance


… by MH Zamri · · Cited by 1 — by MH Zamri · · Cited by 1Crowdfunding is new financing channels through which firms or entrepreneurs can obtain capital from crowd online [23]. Crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) serve as an (2)

Does Equity Crowdfunding Democratize … – ResearchGate

… Request PDF | On 1 Douglas J. Cumming and others published Does Equity Crowdfunding Democratize Entrepreneurial Finance?(3)

… by DK Safitri · — by DK Safitri · These findings can add a reference to studies in the field of entrepreneurial finance especially regarding equity crowdfunding for MSMEs.(4)

matching investors and entrepreneurs in equity crowdfunding


… Presently equity crowdfunding is not legal in Canada and is sought to being The entrepreneur publishes a request for funding on the crowdfunding (6)

Inclusive digital finance: the industry of equity crowdfunding

… 26 PDF | Nowadays equity crowdfunding plays an important role in the entrepreneurial finance markets. To better understand the functioning of (7)

… by A Lukkarinen · · Cited by 3 — by A Lukkarinen · · Cited by 3We show that equity crowdfunding seems to be converging towards traditional entrepreneurial finance. •. Yet the industry maintains certain unique features (8)

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