Everything you need to know about starting your own white label cosmetic business

Everything you need to know about starting your own white label cosmetic business


Opening your own cosmetic business may seem like a hard task, especially when you don’t have a large sum of money and a lot of time on your hands. Only finding the right manufacturers and formulas can take years.

But is everything now really as hard as we keep thinking?


In fact, over the recent years, everything changed. First, you don’t need to make big investments to open your business. We even found a solution that can help you create a cosmetics business without any upfront costs (spoiler — print on demand cosmetics).

With white label cosmetic companies, you don’t have to produce anything yourself. And what about order fulfillment? Well, it can be taken care of by dropshipping companies. Basically, you can get a business today without any investments and start earning. And all you have to do is sell and promote. Let’s see how it works.

Most probably you already have some vision of what your cosmetic brand should look and feel like. But let’s go a bit into details and see what you should think about first.

  • Core values of your brand. Think about what you want to tell the world through your brand, what values you want to bring to your customers, and what is going to be your biggest advantage.
  • Name. The name should speak for itself and represent the core values of your brand. But that’s not all. It also should be memorable and easy to pronounce. Of course, coming up with the right name is not the easiest task. If you’re stuck, brainstorm with your friends or colleagues! Also, check the domain name and trademark name to make sure that your brand name isn’t taken by another company. You can check domain availability on websites like name.com or namecheap.com. Trademarks registered in the US can be found on tmsearch.uspto.gov. Trademarks registered in the EU are available on euipo.europa.eu.
  • You should pay as much attention to the logo of the company as to the name. It’s a visual representation of your brand and one of the first things the customer sees on your packaging. Of course, in the first stages, you can generate something in a free logo generator. But if possible, hire a logo designer! You can find freelance specialists on Fiverr or order a design from services like 99designs for an affordable price.

Find your niche

In a crowded market, you should find or create a specific niche to stand out. Here are a few qualities of a well-chosen niche:

  1. It perfectly matches your core values
  2. It solves a specific problem for a specific group of people
  3. It’s carefully researched and planned

For example, if you have curly hair and always had a problem with finding organic & vegan products for your hair, then creating a brand with high-quality organic shampoos and conditioners for curly hair will be a great idea.

Find white label cosmetics provider

Finding the right supplier is another important task that requires thorough research. In the beginning, many merchants choose very cheap products thinking that they are easier to sell.

However, quality is the key to long-term success. And it’s really hard (if not impossible) to find a white label cosmetics product that’s both extremely cheap and has high-quality ingredients.

Remember — happy customers, happy business. Find a reliable white label cosmetics provider that offers high-quality cosmetics with good formulas. Also, we highly recommend choosing organic products since the clean beauty trend is rising.

By the way, it’s not at all necessary to risk a lot of money and buy white label products in bulk. If you use dropshipping as a fulfillment method, you won’t need to keep the products in stock. Moreover, with the right dropshipping and print on demand provider, you won’t have to invest at all in the beginning. You can just create mockups of products, and publish them in your store. When someone purchases a product in your store, the supplier will automatically get the order and start the fulfillment process. That’s how Sell.xyz works, for instance.

Choose a platform for your shop

There are hundreds of platforms that can be used for creating your online store. But if you’re new to the eCommerce industry, then it’s better to choose something easy. On Shopify or Wix you can create a store in a few minutes. Plus, it has a free 14-days trial.

You may also want to sell the cosmetics in a physical store, beauty/wellness centers, and salons. If you own such an establishment or work there, that’s a great idea. However, we would still recommend trying online platforms so you would have a chance to get more income.

Promote your brand

Ok, so after all these steps, you have a brand, a white label cosmetics provider, and a shop. It’s time to start selling! Here are a few things that will help you to succeed.

  • Be as active as possible in social media. Open pages on Instagram and Facebook, make useful blog posts and stories, do live Q&A, organize a giveaway — do everything that can bring you more attention!
  • Cooperate with influencers. Find beauty influencers with 5-10k followers who are popular in the region your shop operates and offer them barter cooperation — free items in exchange for a post in their account. Also, you can ask them to advertise the giveaways that you organize on your company’s Instagram/Facebook account.
  • Regularly check similar stores. It’s not about stealing ideas, it’s about inspiration! Check what products are the most popular in similar stores, how they promote their shop on social media, and what campaigns they organize.
  • Provide excellent support service to your customers. It’s especially important when you’re just beginning and can’t offer a loyalty program or gifts. Be ready to help them with everything, don’t keep them waiting for an answer, be extremely kind and polite, ask them what they liked and what could be better. If you treat customers right, they’ll come back and recommend you to others.

These were the main things that you should know before starting your own white label cosmetics business. As you see, it’s not that hard, especially when you use dropshipping services that take care of production, printing, and shipping. Choose the right white label cosmetics provider and start earning today!