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Sep 20, 2022(1)

The fastest growing social media network in 2021 was TikTok, with 18.3% YOY growth, over 87.1% growth in 2020, as measured by US Social Network User Growth. US (2)

Social Media Statistics & Facts – Statista

Jun 21, 2022How many people use social media? Discover all relevant statistics and data on Social Networks and their usage now on!(3)

Mar 2, 2022Need an up-to-date list of social media demographics? Check out our breakdown of 2022’s numbers and trends you need to know.(4)

Global Social Media Statistics – DataReportal

Data from GWI reveals that the typical social media user actively uses or visits an average of 7.2 different social platforms each month, and spends an average (5)

Understand how social media channels perform, get detailed information on increased their time spent on social media by 2 minutes compared to 2020 (6)

Sep 6, 2022That’s 490 million more social media users than at the start of 2020 and shows that social media is still growing rapidly. It’s also 53.6% of (7)

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