Five Reasons Why Organizations Need Onboarding Software

Five Reasons Why Organizations Need Onboarding Software


The onboarding process should be very smooth and less complicated as it influences the first impression of the employees. They say the first impression stays for a long time within you. If you provide a great onboarding experience to the employees, they are likely to form a good impression in their minds about the organization. 

Usually, the initial stages of an employee with the organization are very hard as he/she needs some time to get accustomed to the work culture and processes. A good onboarding process can help them to experience a glimpse of the organization and how everything works there. 

With the emergence of many software tools in the corporate world, human errors got reduced drastically, simplifying paperwork and ensuring the work is of the highest quality. The same happens with onboarding software like UserGuiding as well. Apart from the value it provides, these tools are very affordable too. For instance, if you check UserGuiding’s price, you will find that they offer a free trial and their subscription price is also very minimal. To help you understand the importance of onboarding software in detail, we have listed down a few of its benefits.


When we think of any software, the first and foremost benefit that pops out of our minds is automation. It streamlines the majority of the processes that consume a lot of time if done otherwise. With electronic documents, there is no need to do the paperwork which is very time-consuming and tedious at the same time. With automation, your employees and managers can spend time on more important things which help them to build relationships with each other.

2)Smooth onboarding:

A smooth onboarding process leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of new hires. With a user-friendly application process, you make the onboarding process much easier and efficient. Through the candidate portal, your employees can fill forms, submit and download them if necessary. This makes it easy for the employees and the managers as well.


Compliance training is one of the most essential aspects of the onboarding process. Without proper documentation of the data, letters, and forms, it can lead to compliance issues. With onboarding software, everything is properly documented and there is very little chance of any errors happening. A checklist of all the tasks to be done makes it hassle-free and compliant with all the rules and regulations of the law.

4)Provide insightful analytics and reports:

Onboarding your new employees means there are lots of tasks to be done by them. All the formal procedures, compliance training, and much more. It is very hard to track the progress of this process manually hence an onboarding software can be very helpful in this situation. This software helps to know the status of each new hire. One manager can handle a large group of new hires with this software which is impossible to do manually. This is especially useful for large organizations where bulk-hiring happens.

5)Gives a complete idea about your company:

One of the main purposes of onboarding is to let the employees know most of the things about your company so that they can fit in the culture easily. You can include videos about your organization’s vision, policies, compliance documents, and much more. You can also include what is expected of the new hires which gives them more clarity about their roles.


To wrap up, with the help of onboarding software, your new hire will have an easy and smooth transition. It reduces the stress on your managers who are involved in the hiring process as it would reduce the manual work and make it automated. Thus, the onboarding software is helpful in any which way. Now, it’s up to you to use this tool in your organization and experience its amazing benefits.