Get Ready to Level Up: The 6 Coolest Grizzly Tools for Your Toolbox

Get Ready to Level Up: The 6 Coolest Grizzly Tools for Your Toolbox


Grizzly tools have established themselves as heavy hitters in the workshop space, promising to pump up your toolbox’s prowess with some serious hardware. Pound for pound, Grizzly’s range of high-quality tools are designed to tackle tough tasks, turning even the most daunting DIY projects into a walk in the woodworking park. Let’s break down the six coolest Grizzly tools that are sure to level up your crafting game, making your tool collection the envy of the block. Get ready for a power-packed journey that will leave sawdust in its wake and have you crafting like a pro.

1. Grizzly’s Growling G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

No self-respecting tool collection would be complete without a table saw that snarls. Meet the G0690 Cabinet Table Saw – This bad boy boasts a heavy-duty cast-iron table, precision-ground to a mirror-like finish, and comes with massive ripping power. It rips through hardwoods like a hot knife through butter, thanks to its 3 HP motor that screams timber! The G0690 also features a camlock T-fence and heavy cast hand wheels, ensuring precise cuts every time. As a shop centerpiece, this table saw is the beast you bet on for years of reliable performance.

2. Grizzly’s Gritty G0458Z Drum Sander

Smooth things out like a boss with the G0458Z Drum Sander. A tool that’s designed to deliver fine finishes faster than you can say “smooth operator.” With its dual 6-inch aluminum sanding drums and a sanding motor that hums along at 1.5 HP, this heavy-duty hero churns out flawlessly sanded surfaces without the arm-numbing effort of hand sanding. Plus, with its variable feed rates, you got the freedom to finesse the finish on your projects, whether it’s fine furniture or fabulous fretwork.

3. Supercharged G0860 Cyclone Dust Collector

Keep your workspace cleaner than a whistle with the G0860 Cyclone Dust Collector. Don’t let the sawdust settle; this cyclone’s a godsend for grizzly woodworkers who prize purity in their air. With a 1.5 HP motor that creates 806 CFM of suction, this dust dominator pulls particles away from your work area and into its collection drum, which means no more sneezing through sawdust storms. A pristine place means a pristine project, and this cyclone ensures your workspace stays immaculate.

4. G0490X Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead

Join the jointer jubilee! The G0490X Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead is smooth. Really smooth. Powered by a 3 HP motor, this jointer jives through lumber with a spiral cutterhead that’s jam-packed with insert carbide cutters, designed to roll out a finish finer than frog hair split four ways. It’s the go-to for face-jointing and flattening with finesse. And let’s not forget about its extra-long 8-inch table that gives support to sizable stocks. This jointer does justice to every woodworker’s jointing journey.

5. The Lean, Mean, G0766 Wood Lathe

For the turners and the burners, the G0766 Wood Lathe turns timbers into trinkets, tools, or tiptop table legs. A 3 HP motor and variable speed mean you can strut your stuff slow or fast, all while harnessing humongous heft with its 22″ swing over bed. Electronic variable speed gives you the complete control conundrum – it’s like the DJ’s deck of lathes! Turning large bowls, spindles, or anything round becomes a rhythmic ride with this lathe. It doesn’t get much cooler or comprehensive for creators craving curvaceous cuts.

6. G0602 Bench Top Metal Lathe

Metal mavens, meet the G0602 Bench Top Metal Lathe, your new sidekick for shaping steel. This 10 x 22-inch lathe laughs at the face of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with effortless accuracy, thanks to its one-inch spindle bore and a 1 HP motor that’s all torque. Thread threads, shoulder shafts, and part pieces with professional precision. Compact but capable, this lathe lends itself to enthusiasts and experienced engineers alike, promising perfection in a pint-sized package.


Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker, a metal-morphing magician, or somewhere in between, Grizzly tools have got the gear to get your creativity crashing through to uncharted territories of craftsmanship. From table saws to dust collectors, there’s a Grizzly tool tailored to elevate each element of your workshop. When it comes to upping the ante of your tool game, these Grizzly greats are the gateway to gutsy and glorious projects.