How Do Students Log Into Your Class On Thinkific?

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1. The Thinkific Student Experience – Thinkific

The Course Player Once your student has enrolled, they’ll be given immediate access to the course (unless you’re using a drip schedule in your course) via the​ (1)

Go to Support Your Students · Select Users · Search or scroll to locate your desired student · Click the Full name of the student · Under Enroll user in in the (2)

It is your course catalogue where students can view and search for everything you offer! Each course will have a course card on this page displaying key (3)

2. How to Link to the Student Dashboard – Thinkific Support

Students can use the course cards on their dashboard to access their courses directly. The link on the right (which shows as Start, Resume, or Replay Course (4)

Question. I set my course pricing to free, so how will students enroll in the course​? How do students purchase a free course? How can my students access a free (5)

You can allow students to create their own accounts or manually create new users would like to provide a student with free access to a paid or Private course.(6)

3. Manually Sending the Express Sign In Link – Thinkific Support

You can give manually created or imported students the option to set their own the course and bundle welcome emails do not contain the express sign in link (7)

My lessons are set to autoplay, but they won’t autoplay for my student. Student Issue Template. My student can’t log into my Thinkific site. If one of your students is (8)

4. Private and Hidden Courses – Thinkific

How to Give Your Student Access to a Private Course. To give a student access to a course that is set as Private, you can manually enroll them from your Admin (9)

Sign in to your Thinkific site. or create new account. Email Password Sign in. Remember me. Forgot password? Site not here? Sign in with a different email (10)

To access the course, your student will simply need to sign in and navigate to their Student Dashboard from the top right menu! Click My Dashboard on the top​ (11)

In this tab, students can access any Thinkific Certificates they have been issued for completing your courses. Notifications. This section allows students to adjust (12)

In order for your customers to enroll in your courses and interact with your The first step is account creation, where the student will fill out the details listed Having an Enrollment gives them access to your course and course materials!(13)

5. Access Your Site and General Navigation – Thinkific

Course Player · Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on a specific course in the Course Overview · Select Preview Course.(14)

The Student Dashboard is where a logged in student can access all courses they are currently enrolled in. This link is also commonly(15)

Creating a test student account is the easiest way to make sure every aspect of your Most of what you build in Thinkific can be easily tested: our Course Builder But for some of our more complicated features, it can be harder to get that (16)

6. Can I prevent students from sharing logins? – Thinkific

Question Is there a way to limit a student’s login credentials to one IP address? is so students have the convenience of accessing their accounts and course (17)

Unless you’re a developer, it really helps to be given a suite of tools to get up students at every step, from arriving at your website to completing your course (18)

Need to set up your Thinkific online course and website fast? Thinkific is free to get started with – no credit card required. The Course Player is where students view your lessons – the part of your site where they can watch videos, take (19)

Manually enroll the student; Provide the student with a 100% off coupon. Manual Enrollments. You can manually create a user and enroll them into your paid (20)

7. Creating a Course – Thinkific

Ready to get started with creating your first course? The Course Player is the learning environment where students will be interacting with your content.(21)

Students are required to sign up for an account while they are purchasing or enrolling into your course. However, sometimes you might want to direct a student (22)

Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on a specific course in the Course Overview · Select the Settings tab · Under Course URL, you will see your (23)

8. Send a Direct Link to a Specific Lesson in a Course – Thinkific

How do I direct students to specific content within a course? The student must be enrolled in the course and currently logged in to be able to access the lesson​ (24)

May 3, 2021 — To create a successful online course, you have to connect with your “In Floriology classes, students log into the Zoom presentation and can (25)

Mar 30, 2020 — Online courses allow you to easily create your curriculum with clear learning outcomes for your students. The linear structure enables your (26)

9. How to Share Your Community – Thinkific

How to Share Your Community Any students that have access to your Community will see the Community card directly on their Student Dashboard – as long as (27)

Courses set as Free will be available for, well, free! All your student needs to do is create a user account on your site and they’ll be able to have access to the (28)

10. Thinkific Tutorial – How To Manually Enroll Students In Your …

1:30Thinkific Tutorial – How To Manually Enroll Students In Your CourseIf you’ve pre-sold your course on your Apr 30, 2018 · Uploaded by Brainy Girl – Kim Garnett(29)

If you are having trouble accessing the site for any reason you may want to try the following: If the course you chose requires a fee, after you sign up or sign in to Thinkific, you will be asked to This will bring you to your Student Dashboard.(30)

I’ll also discuss a big mistake to avoid when selling your first course. a sales page with all your own branding to collect payments and grant access to the course. Thinkific is accessed by over 16 million students in 164 countries and has (31)

A Thinkific Pro+Growth plan, with Courses set up, and students enrolled. A Typeform account and a typeform with questions about course preferences mapped to (32)

EarlyParrot’s flexible API makes it possible to track all your Thinkific students as the functionality and ability to invite their friends to sign-up to your courses in (33)

After a student account is created, you can log into your student dashboard to Returning students log in via Sheepdog Church Security (Thinkific) course site’s (34)

Better access to the funds and you can have unlimited students on their free plan and can build up to three courses. This includes all the hosting for content like (35)

Thinkific FAQs Does the purchase of a physical workbook include access to the How do I register my students for a study if I purchased multiple workbooks or enrollments? How do I access the new all-digital online course after I purchase​?(36)

You get — it looks like with that you can create three courses, unlimited students, quizzes and surveys, you can upload your content, and you’ll get instant access to (37)

Mass emails can be targeted to relevant groups of students using Thinkific’s user segmentation, for example those who participated in the free trial of a course  Rating: 4.6 · ‎125 votes(38)

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