How Do Students Use Thinkific?

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1. The Thinkific Student Experience – Thinkific

Students on Thinkific are user accounts that can purchase and enroll in courses. Student accounts can also be given access to user-only sections of course sites. A (1)

Students will also see community cards for any Communities to which they have access. From this page, students can click to resume or start courses in the (2)

If a student has an account on your site, they will be taken to the course in the Thinkific Course Player when they click to enroll using this button. If a student (3)

2. What is Thinkific and Most Commonly Asked … – Thinkific FAQ

Does the platform integrate with tools for e-commerce, marketing, and student Feel free to take a closer look at how our features compare to other platforms (4)

If you have an existing student, you can also manually enroll them into a course! Go to Support Your Students; Select Users; Search or scroll to locate your desired (5)

Solution. On the All Courses default page (​, students have a couple of ways to search for courses and bundles that you’ve (6)

3. Previewing Your Course as a Student – Thinkific

Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on the course you want to preview · From here, you’ll see Preview on the top right · If you don’t have a lesson (7)

Mar 30, 2020 — Good news—there are steps you can take to make your online classroom effective for both you and your students. Creating an online course (8)

4. Understanding User Sign Ups Versus Enrollments – Thinkific

You can review the User Profile to check to see if they have any enrollments: What is an Enrollment? When a student completes the second step of the Checkout (9)

FAQs & Troubleshooting Thinkific uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the (10)

Who Uses Thinkific? Thinkific is for experts who want to share their knowledge online or add education as a component of their existing business. People use (11)

Thinkific’s feature-rich online course platform gives you all the tools you need to Teach with confidence using features built to help students succeed such as (12)

Check out the various types of lessons and content you can create and host in your You can have students download worksheets, guides, a course syllabus,​ (13)

5. Add Thinkific’s Course Player Demo to Your Course – Thinkific

Use this icon in the video player above to download the demo and add it to your Student Walkthrough New and Improved Course Player [English].srt 2 KB.(14)

Where is my sales page displayed? Solution. Every course that you sell through Thinkific will have its own sales page. In Thinkific, we call this your course landing (15)

You can allow students to create their own accounts or manually create new users on your Thinkific You also have the option to manually create new users.(16)

6. How to Create a Test Student Account – Thinkific

Click on the +New User · If you have created an email account (see above) to use for testing, enter it as the email. · In the Password section, select Manually set user (17)

During the in-between times, you can even be pre-filling spots for the next group of students from people who have emailed you from the course landing page.(18)

Can I customize the Certificate ID on my Thinkific Certificates? Do Live Lessons with Zoom allow you to use breakout rooms and polls? I have a student account on (19)

All your student needs to do is create a user account on your site and they’ll be able to have access to the course content without paying anything. You can set (20)

7. About Thinkific – Online course platform trusted by over 50k …

was conceived when co-founder and CEO Greg Smith decided to take his LSAT course online with the help of his brother Matt Smith to reach more students​.(21)

How to Publish Your Course. Use this option when you are launching your course and want students to access your lesson content! Students can purchase, enroll (22)

In this tab, students can access any Thinkific Certificates they have been issued for completing your courses. Notifications. This section allows students to adjust (23)

8. Keeping Students Glued To Your Course Content … – Thinkific

May 3, 2021 — Learn how these course creators use Thinkific Apps to enhance their students’ learning experience: App: Zoom. Student engagement.(24)

Assignment lessons allow your students to submit homework that needs to be approved before they can complete your course. This works great if you have (25)

Create online courses and membership sites with Thinkific and feel confident that first-hand the impact teaching online with Thinkific will have on your business. automate your content to curate a learning experience your students will love.(26)

9. How to Share Your Community – Thinkific

Any students that have access to your Community will see the Community card directly on their Student Dashboard – as long as you are on(27)

What options do I have for manually controlling my active student numbers? If the student signed up for an account but didn’t enroll in any course, would this be (28)

10. Getting Started with Thinkific – Thinkific

Need to set up your Thinkific online course and website fast? The Course Player is where students view your lessons – the part of your site where they can Now that you have created your course, you can get started on your site pages.(29)

Avoid This Mistake when Starting to Sell Courses — Thinkific is one of the more popular online course platforms that you can use to create and sell (30)

Everyone from small businesses, creatives, consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, and trainers to professional associations, larger companies and universities  Rating: 4.6 · ‎125 reviews(31)

Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, Mass emails can be targeted to relevant groups of students using Thinkific’s user  Rating: 4.6 · ‎125 votes(32)

And you also have Zapier triggers, so you can send information to Thinkific using Zapier. And then it looks like you can also manually enroll students. So that’s (33)

Jun 15, 2021 — Teachable and Thinkific have both made it easy for people to create online courses, but they both differ in terms of specific course creation (34)

It’s powerful, easy-to-use, and ideal for ambitious beginners and established In order to complete an assignment in Thinkific, a student has to upload a file,  Rating: 90% · ‎Review by Amy Yang(35)

If you’re using Thinkific as your learning management tool, we’ve got news for you! With our Thinkific integration, you can recommend new(36)

This is where I have my courses. Anytime I have a problem their tech support is great. And I haven’t had any tech problems with the platform – my students are  Rating: 4.5 · ‎122 reviews(37)

I’ve been dreaming about Thinkific communities for a long time! Think about the opportunity to have a focused place for your students to check-in, discuss different (38)

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