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1. How to invite a customer to a product | Podia Help Center

Learn how to manually enroll customers and grant them free access to any of your products.(1)

Membership management including billing, posts, enrollments, and more. Enroll a member into a free Membership Plan Paid newsletters and premium content for members are a great way to deliver value to customers and monetize your (2)

Giving your Members access to your other Podia products, like your Online Courses to their plan, it will simply be accessible from their customer dashboard now. can hide it from your storefront and close enrollment on the product as well.(3)

2. Subscribing a customer to a membership plan using Zapier …

Use our Zapier integration to subscribe customers from your mailing list or other checkout cart solution to a membership plan in Podia. Additionally, your members should only be enrolled into one membership at a time; Think of it as a gym (4)

Getting your customers logged into your Podia site. You’ll need a CSV for each product (note: for membership plans, we can only import into free, not email you a CSV file that contains unique registration links for each person to enroll with.(5)

Wondering, what makes Podia’s membership platform special? and the best part is that their customer service is super responsive and ready to help you if you​ (6)

3. Can I import customers into a Membership? | Podia Help Center

Right now, customers can be imported into a free Membership plan, but not a paid plan, simply because a paid membership requires Stripe processing.(7)

Aug 7, 2020 — Clicking on the toggle allows you to close enrollment to everyone except for customers who already purchased the course or who you manually (8)

4. A guide for new users | Podia Help Center

You can also set the language your customers will see when they visit your site signing up for a free webinar, or purchasing an online course or membership.(9)

If you no longer want to accept new customers for your online course or digital download, you Note: If you close enrollment for a product, customers will still be able to enroll via any bundles or membership plans the product is included in.(10)

How to convert free members into paying customers — Just because a customer didn’t convert at to limit enrollment in your membership (11)

It displays your customers, subscribers, members (if you have a membership), sales, New enrollment: Someone who has signed up for an online course.(12)

Creating a Membership plan lets you earn recurring income from your audience. It’s a great way to build a community of fans who love your content, engage with (13)

5. Create a resource library | Podia Help Center

Make it easy for members to access your best free content! Many Podia customers do this by uploading a new PDF or file as individual For an extra layer of protection against non-members signing up, you can also close enrollment.(14)

Your Podia customers might purchase your course on ClickFunnels. Instead of manually adding Enroll users who purchase via ClickFunnels as a customer on Podia Triggers when a customer subscribes to a membership plan. Podia logo​ (15)

After being turned on, this integration will enroll new DPD customers into a course Podia enrolls the customer in the chosen course, creating the customer record using the Triggers when a customer subscribes to a membership plan.(16)

6. Why MemberSpace is a Better Podia Alternative

MemberSpace is a flexible alternative to Podia that gives you 100% design control MemberSpace customers building and growing a membership business. then have your members apply them when signing up for paid member plans.(17)

Podia Integrations to enroll customers, trigger post-sales surveys, & update subscription list. Optimize your sales process using Podia Survey integration!(18)

Podia lets anyone sell memberships, online courses and digital downloads online. Enroll a Customer Subscribes a customer to a membership plan (19)

Podia’s tools include course creation, memberships, downloads, a website can update your product’s name, categorize it, set enrollment start and close date, hide, Student progress is managed via the Customers tab on the Products page.(20)

7. Podia – Stripe Partners

Podia lets creators make a living from their passion by selling memberships, online courses, and digital downloads to their audience.(21)

Bulk Course Enrollment — Bulk course enrollment allows you to create a set of online courses that who sell their courses or memberships to companies, families, or schools. screenshots customer support on teachable vs podia.(22)

Apr 23, 2021 — Separate selling of membership and digital products Many creators migrate to Podia because of their excellent customer service. are multiple engagement tools I can use to keep the students who have enrolled engaged.(23)

8. Podia Integration – CabinPanda – Online Form Builder

Podia lets everyone sell free memberships, online courses and wireless Let’s get you started with Cabinpanda and Podia integration. Enroll a Customer.(24)

Jan 12, 2021 — These integrations help you add people to other email platforms and lists, subscribe customers to membership plans, and enroll a customer in (25)

You can even enroll for one of the best selling course on your topic. See the Podia membership site is powered by a stripe( payment system). You can Email marketing is an effective way to turn our subscribers into customers. You can (26)

9. Podia Review [2021]: How it Works, Podia Pricing | The Digital …

Podia has positioned itself as a easy to set up, buy, download digital content. If you want to create an exclusive membership for your VIP customers, you can Close enrollment to new customers; those who have already purchased the (27)

Why do I use Podia to host my online courses and membership? my WordPress site and people can buy my courses (or enroll in my membership) without You can set up an upsell for any course or download so customers who are already (28)

10. Podia Review: Is It Worth It in 2021? – Hustle to Startup

Apr 16, 2021 — I work with a lot of course creators as clients, and have seen how well (or not so and ongoing calls with the higher tiered members and Podia staff. You can also set start dates, enrollment dates, and integrate with other (29)

While Podia and Teachable seem like similar options, there are In Podia, if you do not want the consumer to access the whole course at once, you can set up a of members and plans, unlike other websites that put a limit on enrollment.(30)

May 4, 2021 — One of them is Podia that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Hosting both the membership and products on the same platform simplifies the user For new users, Podia also offer a live tour with a customer support of the page for a specific amount of time after the students start enrolling.(31)

Find your Podia alternative and sell your online courses. the content gets dripped over time to your customers; A membership built for evolving content, of beautiful, highly customizable themes that you can apply to your different products.(32)

4.7. Podia offers great support for all its customers with ticket and email support. If you want to sell memberships and digital products, along with courses then If you want to enroll in a certain customer manually to your course you can do so​ (33)

Learning & DevelopmentEducation. Sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads to your audience. Podia is the easiest way for digital creators to​ (34)

Have you stumbled upon Podia in your search for a course selling platform? you house and sell an unlimited number of courses, digital downloads, and memberships. Potential customers can easily access your storefront, browse your tacks on additional admin features, such as 100 admin users and bulk enrollment.(35)

I’ll share pros & cons and how Podia stacks up to its competitors. 1 – Great customer service; 2 – Affordable, low cost plans with a lot of value with everything you need to create and sell your course or run a membership site. tool lets you message students when events occur like enrolling or completing a course.(36)

A drag and drop Site Builder, best in class customer support, tools to engage your customers, and much more. Check out the Podia vs Thinkific comparison, (37)

Mar 23, 2021 — These are my thoughts after launching an ebook using Podia. in selling some digital creations Podia is a platform that could apply to you. The Customers page (and sales if in the membership creation area) is where you’ll (38)

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