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1. Search Thinkific – Thinkific

You can search your Thinkific site to quickly find the information that you need and navigate to where you want to be. Courses – Search a course by its name.(1)

The Thinkific Fast Track. (48). Free fast track training to help you create and sell your first Thinkific online course. View Course · The Thinkific Fast Track (2)

To make a course private, simply navigate to the Settings tab of the Course Builder. Under Basic Settings you’ll see the option there for Private Course. Select the (3)

2. Online Courses for Creatives | Thinkific

Thinkific is the complete course creation platform to grow your business and your Find more students and keep them coming back with built in bundle pricing, (4)

Power your education empire · Create and sell online courses and membership sites under your own brand, and see first-hand the impact teaching online with (5)

Check out more on the Thinkific Course Player! [back to top]. Taking a Quiz. Quizzes are not just an evaluation tool; they also can be used to encourage learning.(6)

3. What is my Course Landing Page URL? – Thinkific

Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on a specific course in the Course Overview · Select the Settings tab · Under Course URL, you will see your (7)

your students’ needs—these Experts are your go-to folks for your content migration, course setup, and curriculum design needs. Find Course Creation Experts.(8)

4. Categories – Thinkific

For schools with more than a few courses, categories allow you to create subsections on your school’s All courses page, making it easier to find similar classes.(9)

The Student Dashboard will display course cards of all courses that the student is enrolled in. From a course card, students can click either See Overview to go to (10)

Bulk Importer; Settings; Drip; Pricing; Publish. Curriculum. You’ll add content to your courses here. Check out our guide (11)

Before creating his online course, Lewis asked his students to pay in advance for it to see if there was interest. The next day he woke up to $6,300 in his account.(12)

Need to set up your Thinkific online course and website fast? We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn the essential steps to getting your(13)

5. Access Your Site and General Navigation – Thinkific

Once you are logged into your site, there are a few main areas that you will want to access as you get up and running: Admin Dashboard. Site Builder. Course (14)

May 26, 2021 — It takes a lot of different skills to create an online course. create your course; Freelancers to help market your course; Where to find qualified (15)

How to find your Product ID: · Go to the landing page of your course (or bundle). Make sure you are logged out of your profile or in an Incognito Window: Chrome,​ (16)

6. Create Online Courses with the #1 Platform for … – Thinkific

Thinkific’s feature-rich online course platform gives you all the tools you need to teach Get paid immediately; Charge in 100+ currencies; Accept all credit cards​ (17)

Student accounts can also be given access to user-only sections of course sites. as Course Administrator, and also view student progress for their courses.(18)

This article is a guide to using the Thinkific Course Builder to create your first course. If you’d like to get a quick overview on getting started with the platform, check (19)

Question How can students search for a lesson in a course? Can students search by course chapter? Is there a search bar for lessons? (20)

7. What is Thinkific and Most Commonly Asked … – Thinkific FAQ

Find out if the platform controls course pricing or branding, or takes a cut of your sales. 3. Does the platform integrate with tools for e-commerce, marketing, and (21)

There are countless online resources available online to help you with marketing, but we’ve got a few articles to share that we think you’ll get a lot of value from.(22)

Use the filter on your courses admin page to easily locate courses by publish status, pricing, instructors and categories! Available on(23)

8. How do students enroll in my free course? – Thinkific

Simply check to make sure your course’s landing page has an enroll button in the course banner. If a student has an account on your site, they will be taken to (24)

In this online course by Thinkific you’ll learn how to confidently create, sell, and deliver great online courses to your audience on your own terms. Get expert  Rating: 5 · ‎11 reviews(25)

Getting your course pricing strategy wrong — Not having a marketing funnel; Getting your course pricing strategy wrong. This should give you (26)

9. Previewing Your Course as a Student – Thinkific

Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on the course you want to preview · From here, you’ll see Preview on the top right · If you don’t have a lesson (27)

Learn More About. Site Builder Sections · The Thinkific Student Experience. Was this article helpful? 2 out of 18 found this (28)

10. Thinkific Blog: Tips & Strategies for Online Course and …

The Thinkific blog teaches entrepreneurs and course creators how to grow and scale their Free Guide: How To Create and Sell Online Courses. Get it free (29)

Publish Your Course — Get the full run down on Thinkific pricing plans here. Thinkific review – Course Curriculum. Recognizable Thinkific Customers.(30)

Meet some of the amazing Online Course Creators that are using Thinkific to Grow but also get some inspiration on how some of our Thinkific Course Creators (31)

Do you wish you could see an example of a course on the Thinkific platform? FREE Thinkific Demo course / Thinkific sample course – from a students’ view!(32)

But wouldn’t you like to see some real-life examples of what Thinkific is capable of creating before you sign up and put all that effort into making your course (33)

Jan 22, 2021 — Thinkific for building a course from scratch You’ll find courses on all kinds of topics, both popular and niche: marketing, photography, cooking, (34)

Create and sell online courses to grow your business. Get revenue for your knowledge. Your audience respects your About Thinkific ‑ Online Courses  Rating: 4.2 · ‎8 votes(35)

Here, you’ll find the ultimate comparison of the most popular course-selling platforms to grow your training business. But before taking a detailed look at (36)

Get The FREE Course Creation Starter Kit ! ! Yes! Thinkific is an online learning management system that you can host and sell your online courses, coaching (37)

From hula hoop fitness to marketing training: Easily create and sell online courses that get your skills out there. Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform (38)

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