How To Message Your Students On Thinkific

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1. Mass User Email – Thinkific – Support Your Students

About This Feature. Mass User Email is a feature that allows you to bulk email a message to a large number of users at once directly from your Thinkific users (1)

Increase student engagement and provide student support. Groups · How to Unenroll Students and Process Refunds · How to Edit a Student’s Course Expiry Date Chapter Completion Messages · Course Reviews · On-Lesson Discussions.(2)

It is possible for a user to create a student account on your Thinkific course site and not enroll in any courses. This can occur when a student creates an account on (3)

Compare kajabi vs teachable e-course creation platforms.

2. Send Personalized Email Notifications – Thinkific

of these emails can be fully customized with your personal branding and messaging. Weekly Reminder Email – gives students a weekly update on their current Course Welcome Email – sent when a student enrolls in one of your courses.(4)

Engage your students when they first enroll in your course by sending them a The Email body includes a text editor to add your own branding, images and (5)

New sign up: Receive an email when a student signs up for your site; New order: notifications can be personalized with your brand and custom messaging!(6)

3. On-Lesson Discussions – Thinkific

With Thinkific’s On-lesson discussions, you can engage your students and foster community in your courses! This is not available with the Legacy Course Player.(7)

Personalize and send a Site Welcome Email to welcome your students when they You can personalize your welcome message by including your logo and (8)

4. Chapter Completion Messages – Thinkific

Encourage students in their learning journey and prompt them to review your course with Chapter Complete Messages. What is a Chapter(9)

Jul 13, 2015 — Why would I want to send a Bulk Email? Drive traffic: Bulk Email is a quick way to stay in touch with a large number of students, as one message (10)

Thinkific uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and (11)

We find that students have higher engagement when they have a single type of content to focus on per lesson. If you have a lot of text, we recommend including it​ (12)

It will often be available on your Student Dashboard when you login to your account In the comment field, input your desired text; Optionally include an emoji, (13)

Compare kajabi vs teachable e-course creation platforms.

5. Send a Bundle Welcome Email – Thinkific

Send your students a bundle welcome email when they first enroll to introduce you can use the following dynamic variables to inject data into your message.(14)

Send Message; Approve Submission; Reject Submission. Download File. To review your student’s submission: Navigate to Support Your Students; Select (15)

When you have a Drip Schedule applied to your course, students will see a default message when attempting to access content that is not(16)

6. Manually Sending the Express Sign In Link – Thinkific Support

You can give manually created or imported students the option to set their own To create a link in your email, highlight the text you’d like to use for the link, and (17)

Create and Enroll a New Student · Go to Support Your Students · Select Users · Click + New User on the top right · Fill out First name, Last name, Email address · Don’ (18)

You can customize default text that appears throughout the Course Player to help Button text in the Course Player that allows students to add a Review for the (19)

My student is having troubles viewing PDF lessons. If students are receiving a message that they cannot view the PDF on their browser yet can normally view (20)

7. Thinkific Lesson Types – Thinkific

Check out the various types of lessons and content you can create and host in your Our text lesson is perfect for embedding video hosted outside of Thinkific. You can add engaging quizzes to your courses to help students make sure they (21)

If you have more than 21 Communities, we recommended sharing Community links directly with your students in a text lesson or via email. Including a link in a (22)

Turn on a weekly reminder email for your students to let them know which courses and pasting the code below in the code view option of the email text editor:(23)

8. How to Turn On Your Community Notifications – Thinkific Support

You and your students can receive email notifications for any post activity in a Community by following posts! You also have the option(24)

Trigger a Notification Using Zapier · Head to and Create a Zap · Choose Thinkific under Choose App & Events · Choose Course Completed as your Missing: message ‎| Must include: message(25)

Apr 16, 2021 — In its most basic form, it’s an automatic email that is sent out as soon as students enroll with a thank you message and any necessary details or (26)

9. Create a Text Lesson – Thinkific

Text Lessons can include bodies of text, styled HTML content, and also things like images or external links. You can also embed video and(27)

Message and track students with your favourite Email, CRM, or Marketing Automation tool. Automatically add students to your segmented email lists and deliver (28)

10. Recommend new Thinkific courses to your students based on …

If you want to collect Thinkific course reviews from your students, check out this Now you’ll see a message that your account was connected successfully.(29)

Thinkific is the platform to create, market and sell your online courses. Build different types of multimedia courses including audio, video, text, PDF, To make the learning process natural, let your students get course completion certificate.(30)

EarlyParrot’s flexible API makes it possible to track all your Thinkific students as they with your campaign ID