How To Send Course Links From Thinkific?

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1. Send a Direct Link to a Specific Lesson in a Course – Thinkific

Question. Can I send a specific lesson to my students? How do I direct students to specific content within a course? What is my lesson URL for students?(1)

Copy Your Checkout Link · Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Click on the image of your desired course · Select the Publish tab and confirm your (2)

Select Courses · Click on a specific course in the Course Overview · Select the Settings tab · Copy your Course URL · Paste this link in a text editor · At the end of the (3)

2. How to Share Your Community – Thinkific

Including a link in a Course Welcome Email is a great way to notify your students of any Communities they have access to when enrolling in your course!(4)

To create a link in your email, highlight the text you’d like to use for the link, and click on the link icon in the text editor. In the URL bar, input the variable {{ (5)

You can post your course on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or copy a link to share on any other platform! In this article: About This Feature. How to Share your Course.(6)

3. How can students access my course landing page? – Thinkific

This page is created by default when you first create your course. You can send students straight to this page by providing them with a direct link and throughout (7)

You can make it even simpler for customers to redeem a coupon offer by sending them to your course landing page or checkout via a URL where the discount is (8)

4. How to Use Affiliates – Thinkific

In return, they can earn a commission for each new sale that they send your way. Affiliate links are automatically generated for your home page and course (9)

You may want to share these links, use them in advertisements, send specific URLs in your Student Email What is my Course Landing Page URL?(10)

If you haven’t customized your course landing page or simply want it to direct it to Replace with your desired URL; Click SAVE.(11)

Go to Support Your Students · Select Notifications · Make sure you are on the Student notifications tab · Select Course welcome email from the left menu · Scroll (12)

If you are looking to copy or transfer courses from one Thinkific site to another in the title and the URL which you can update later (see How to Rename Your (13)

5. How to Link a Button to the Student Dashboard – Thinkific

The Student Dashboard is where a logged in student can access all courses they are currently enrolled in. This link is also commonly(14)

Nov 4, 2019 — Linking From Your Navigation. We’d recommend adding a navigation item on your external site called “Courses” that links out to your Thinkific (15)

The easiest way to grab this link is to copy it from your landing page! Go to Manage Learning Content; Select Courses; Click on a specific course in the Course (16)

6. Private and Hidden Courses – Thinkific

Our Private and Hidden course settings allow you to control who can access your The Course URL shown above is what you can use to send to people who (17)

If you want a link to jump a specific location in a different lesson or even course, you’ll need to replace #anchor with the full URL for the page, similar to:Missing: send ‎| Must include: send(18)

Students can post their course certificates on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and even share a direct link to a third party to verify(19)

How to Post Your Course On Facebook. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site is to post a link directly to a course or bundle landing page. See​ (20)

7. Redirect Your Course Landing Page to an External Sales …

Do you want to use your external sales page instead of your Thinkific course Replace with your external sales page URL (21)

Students are required to sign up for an account while they are purchasing or enrolling into your course. However, sometimes you might want to direct a student to (22)

When a student initiates the enrollment process for a paid course on your Thinkific course site, they are sent to a checkout process with two steps: Sign up for a (23)

8. Course Admins – Thinkific

It’s always nice to have a little help, and we know that the course creation If you would like your Course Admin to be notified of emails that are sent to the Site (24)

Assignment lessons allow your students to submit homework that needs to be approved before they can complete your course. This works great if you have (25)

You can create a new student and manually enroll them into a course or bundle If you select User chooses their own password, make sure to enable Send site​ (26)

9. Can I duplicate all of my Thinkific site content to another …

Make sure to review Can I copy courses from one Thinkific site to another? and then please send us an email with all of the required information for us to help Missing: links ‎| Must include: links(27)

With one tiny little piece of code added to your landing page on Thinkific you can This blog post may contain affiliate links to products and services that I use we can automatically redirect our Thinkific course sales pages TO OUR OWN (28)

10. How to link your Thinkific Course Checkout to an External …

4:08Sure, the Thinkific landing pages are a great way to market your course content, but there may come a time Jul 16, 2020 · Uploaded by Linda Reed-Enever(29)

Thinkific uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and Missing: send ‎| Must include: send(30)

Stop guessing about the quality of your courses! Get valuable feedback by sending a Brillium assessment to Thinkific students when they finish a course.(31)

In the Link After Assessment field, enter the specific link back to the exam defined in the Thinkific course player. This is the URL for the Thinkific page where the (32)

By adding a referral program to your Thinkific course(s) you will be turning your LinkedIn or else by sending referral links on chat apps such as WhatsApp, (33)

Create Your First Course — To create a course, first, choose your course templates. You can even provide links to other resources under the text record an audio file, import PDFs, or just write out an informational text post.(34)

How to Link to a Specific Thinkific Lesson – Click here for more information. Thinkific is an online course platform that can help you create, market and sell You can send individual emails to your students or start a conversation with the (35)

A short, comprehensive course on using Thinkific as an alternative to to Thinkific and let them know that you signed up using a referral link from Rich Peterson (36)

Thinkific is a powerful, business-friendly online course creation platform that allows I would like to have a URL completely rebranded and added to my site. email to a student from within Thinkific or send a mass email to multiple students. Rating: 4.7 · ‎102 reviews(37)

5 steps · 20 min · Materials: LMS Relokia, LMS Relokia1.Raise a request to get started with your switch. We’ll discuss all your migration peculiarities, the extent of work to be done, and the time frames of your data transition.2.Provide the obligatory access passwords so that the system can reach the data from your source LMS and move it to the future system.3.Determine the time when the your LMS is not loaded with users doing their course activities. Pick this period as the data migration date and inform us to schedule your transfer.(38)

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