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1. How to Send an Email to a Student – Thinkific

If you have not set a reply-to email, it will automatically be set as the Site Owner’s email address. We don’t currently have an in-app option to review sent emails or​ (1)

Course reviews are a way for you to get feedback directly from the students who able to see their previously submitted response and make updates if desired.(2)

Question Can discussion posts be edited? I made a mistake in my post/reply and would like to correct it. Solution Currently, discussion(3)

2. Create a Survey – Thinkific

from your students that you can then use to improve your course content and Course Admins can review survey responses using a Quiz & Survey Export.(4)

Gain insight into how your student is performing in all of your courses by reviewing their For a in-depth view of question responses, you also have the option of (5)

We answer your frequently asked questions about Thinkific and our online course support you with bulk student enrollment so nothing falls through the cracks.(6)

3. Managing Assignments – Thinkific

Assignment lessons are great for encouraging student engagement and strengthening understanding of your course material. To ensure your student can reply to your emails, make sure you have your desired Reply to email specified in (7)

Within our current Course Player, we offer on-lesson discussions. ask students to use the course content to formulate their response and create a diversity of (8)

4. Thinkific Lesson Types – Thinkific

Check out the various types of lessons and content you can create and host in your students (and you, the instructor) can see each other’s responses, fostering (9)

Course Welcome Email: Send students an email when they enroll in one of your gives students a weekly update on their current course progress; Reply to a (10)

Password. Checkout.png. It is possible for a user to create a student account on your Thinkific course site and not enroll in any courses Missing: respond ‎| Must include: respond(11)

Written responses can easily link to support documents, your course URL, screen You are the best person to answer your student’s questions as the subject (12)

My lessons are set to autoplay, but they won’t autoplay for my student. Student Issue Template. My student can’t log into my Thinkific site. If one of your students is Missing: respond ‎| Must include: respond(13)

5. Create an Assignments Lesson – Thinkific

Assignment lessons are great for any type of homework that you would like a student to submit for approval and provide an opportunity for(14)

Quiz lessons are a great way for you to test and track your student’s as an answer; One or more answers – Allows the student to select several correct answers.(15)

Mar 30, 2020 — Online courses allow you to easily create your curriculum with clear learning outcomes for your students. The linear structure enables your (16)

6. Course Admins – Thinkific

View student progress for courses to which they are assigned as course administrator. Export quiz & survey results for their courses. Reply and manage (17)

Question Do students receive an email notification when a pre-order course they have purchased is released? How do I notify my students(18)

Question Can students edit their review for a course after they submit it? they have already submitted one, they will see their previously submitted response.(19)

Ready to get started with creating your first course? The Course Player is the learning environment where students will be interacting with your content.(20)

7. Previewing Your Course as a Student – Thinkific

At any time during the course creation process, it’s easy for you to take a sneak peak at your Thinkific site and test your course as a student. Below, we’ll show (21)

Your Course Player is where your students will spend the most time, enjoying your lessons and discussing them with other students. The(22)

The student profile and account settings is an area of your Thinkific site where their responses to any Custom Fields you included as part of the sign-up process. any Thinkific Certificates they have been issued for completing your courses.(23)

8. 2020 Thinkific Year in Review | Thinkific

Jan 15, 2021 — In 2020 Thinkific course creators got powerful new features and product enabled so many entrepreneurs and small business owners to respond, retool, and Keeping your students engaged in uncertain times is critical.(24)

Jun 7, 2016 — Encourage them to be of service to their colleagues in the class by following the “​Post once, respond twice” strategy. You could also ask students (25)

Prevent your students from skipping ahead in a course by ensuring that they watch your course video to your desired completion(26)

9. Identify and respond to children at risk

Your role as an Early Childhood educator has a responsibility to identify and respond to children who may be at risk of harm. This course supports you to (27)

Mar 5, 2019 — Customize Your Course With Improved Student Experience your dashboard, you can easily find, review, and respond to student discussions.(28)

10. 5 Strategies To Improve Student Retention For Your … – Thinkific

Sep 9, 2020 — Numerous studies about online course student retention have Additionally, it takes an average of 90 seconds to respond to a text and 90 (29)

Avoid This Mistake when Starting to Sell Courses — You can offer students payment options like a monthly payment plan for more expensive courses.(30)

This week, we’re reviewing Thinkific, its course development features, learning students will see that that’s from the instructor, and they can write a reply.(31)

May 21, 2021 — This Thinkific review by a 20-year e-learning industry veteran is one of where you can sort discussions by course, respond to students, and (32)

7:52Student assignments can be integral to helping your students move through your online course and get the Apr 16, 2019 · Uploaded by Brainy Girl – Kim Garnett(33)

Thinkific is a powerful, business-friendly online course creation platform that allows anyone to easily and fully customize How Thinkific helped Hootsuite support 450,000+ students Answer a few questions to help the Thinkific community. Rating: 4.7 · ‎102 reviews(34)

Nov 18, 2020 — Both Thinkific and Teachable allow you to create unlimited courses and enroll an unlimited number of students. You also get unlimited video (35)

Thinkific is an online course creation solution with approximately 50000 instructors. lessons. Students and instructors are allowed to write and reply to posts. Rating: 90% · ‎Review by Amy Yang(36)

And I haven’t had any tech problems with the platform – my students are happy and Thinkific had the ability to upload docs in the discussion area of courses. They have excellent customer support and they responded to me quickly even  Rating: 4.5 · ‎122 reviews(37)

Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, & sell courses on their Mass emails can be targeted to relevant groups of students using Thinkific’s user Waiting at least a day for an answer is totally unacceptable. Rating: 4.6 · ‎125 votes(38)

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