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1. How to Switch Themes – Thinkific

If you want to transfer your content to a previously-installed theme, you will need to delete that theme from your Theme library and then re-install it. See How to (1)

Each theme is fully mobile responsive and has been crafted and publishing it, and installing a new theme will not automatically remove your existing theme!(2)

If you have set up a Home page redirect and would like to remove it so that your default Home page is accessible to visitors, you can(3)

2. Theme Settings – Thinkific

Applying a new style will drastically change the look and feel of your theme. Most Thinkific themes feature several styles, ranging from bold to light. When applied,​ (4)

Improve your Thinkific website with new sections and Site Builder tweaks by installing a theme extension app from our app store! (5)

Why should I update my theme? We’re always working to make our Site Builder themes better, and will periodically release updates to fix bugs, add features, and​ (6)

3. Remove Thinkific Branding – Thinkific

How to Remove Thinkific Branding. Go to Settings; Select Remove Thinkific branding; Check off the box to the left of Remove Thinkific branding; Click Save.(7)

Go to Design your Site · Select Site Builder · Navigate to your desired page via the left side menu · Expand the Section you want to delete by clicking on the Section (8)

4. Remove Course Title Text on Course Card Images (Vogue …

Thinkific uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and (9)

Change Your Site URL and Site Name · Remove Thinkific Branding · SEO You Need to Launch with Site Builder · Choosing a Theme · Theme Settings · Build (10)

You might have just started with Thinkific and customized a Coming soon page when first creating your site, but have some different plans(11)

anywhere on your site. You can always edit or remove this link if needed. If you need more, it will require custom theme code on your site. If you have any (12)

One important thing to note about making customizations to themes is that updating a theme will replace all of the theme files, effectively removing all (13)

5. Theme Extensions – Thinkific Developers

The exception to this is deleting pre-existing app sections. If a zip that omits an existing app section is re-uploaded, the section will only be deleted if the app has​ (14)

Links. Style & Alignment. Optional Button (Empire & Vogue themes) You can delete an existing link from your header if needed. Sometimes you only have one​ (15)

We have several theme versions on our platform: Pre-V2 Themes (also referred to as V1 Themes), V2 Themes, and Site Builder Themes. The theme version (16)

6. Course and Bundle Banners – Thinkific

These options are available on all Vision theme banners, and Course If you’d prefer not to use these options, just leave the image empty (or remove the (17)

Vision Theme changelog for developers working with Site Builder themes. to render images according to pixel density of screens; remove old html5shiv (18)

If you Duplicate a Site Builder theme, only the original version of the theme can be updated, not the copy. Important Considerations. Updating a theme will remove (19)

Choose a Theme. Thinkific offers three beautiful and responsive Themes; Vision, Empire, and Vogue, each with 3-4 styles. This gives you tons of choice (20)

7. Common Code Customizations in Legacy Themes – Thinkific

If you’d like to hide a section, you’ll simply need to delete it from your page. Collapse course landing page curriculum, You can choose to have a collapsed or Customize buy button text: If you’d like to custoCustomize coupon text on checkout: If you’d like Customize a button link: If you’d like to customiCollapse course landing page curriculum: You (21)

banner_course: remove typo on banner description; reviews: fix looping of single review; checkout: update stripe badge image urls. Version 1.15.1 (2020-01-08).(22)

You can remove different elements from your landing page course cards with a simple customization of your theme code. In This Article(23)

8. Copy Theme Sections in Site Builder – Thinkific

Have you customized a section on your site theme and would like to use it on another page? You can now copy a section from one page to(24)

How to Uninstall [App Name] Step-by-step instructions for uninstalling your app. For example, if your app adds sections to Site Builder themes,you could link to​ (25)

instructor, reviews, showcase, testimonials: remove translations from owl carousel; _section_showcase: remove height on mobile; page_header, logo: get logo (26)

9. Everything You Need to Launch with Site Builder – Thinkific

Read on for more! In this article: Choosing a Theme. Theme Versions. Building Your Home Page. Build Your Course or Bundle Landing Page. Custom Pages.(27)

Go to Manage Learning Content · Select Courses · Select your desired Course · In the Course Builder, select the Settings tab · Scroll down and click Delete this Missing: theme ‎| Must include: theme(28)

10. Anatomy of a Theme – Thinkific Developers

Thinkific Themes are made of a variety of components organized into the following directories/folders: Layouts; Sections; Site Pages; Snippets; Styles; Assets Missing: uninstall ‎| Must include: uninstall(29)

26:00Create your own online courses for FREE at our blog: 4, 2016 · Uploaded by ThinkificMissing: uninstall ‎| Must include: uninstall(30)

Can’t Delete Thinkific Courses – Click here for more information. select from, and under each theme are numerous variants to choose form, providing you with​ (31)

Apparently, they do plan on expanding the number of themes eventually. Additionally, there are pre-built sections you can insert into your site as needed, if you (32)

You can also purchase the Practical Drupal Theming course on Thinkific. The course material is the Download, Install, and Uninstall Themes. Free. Theming​ (33)

May 31, 2021 — How do I delete a Thinkific course? How long is Thinkific free trial? use Kajabi to build personalized websites, theme-based landing pages, (34)

Jun 2, 2021 — Ability to add/edit/delete courses, Yes, Yes, Yes On a similar note, Thinkific also lets you customize its theme code if you’re on one of its (35)

May 10, 2021 — It is also true that when you follow those instructions, you will create a custom theme in Guide. Custom themes are not supported by Zendesk and (36)

Jul 24, 2020 — In this in-depth, hands-on Thinkific review, we’re going to look at how Thinkific works, pricing Concerns with plugin compatibility with WordPress themes Remove Thinkific branding; Public API; Communities; Zapier actions (37)

Remove “progress” for your “not a course” course Because this is not a “custom theme”, you will be able to upgrade to the latest features Thinkific puts out (38)

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