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Influencer Marketing Guide: How to Work With Influencers

… Influencer marketing also known as branded content or working with creators is a surefire way to expand the reach of your brand on social media.(1)

… 11 The difference between creators and influencers is simple: creators make content for the sake of making content and sharing it online.(2)

What’s the Difference Between a Content Creator, Influencer …

… 2 Influencers create content for the internet and their communities but they also have a personal brand and are defined by their ability to (3)

… 10 15 of the Top Content Creators on Instagram You Should Follow · 1. Karen X Cheng · 2. ian Bass · 3. Kevin Parry · 4. Zach King · 5. Liza Koshy · 6.(4)

Content Creators Vs Influencers: What’s The Difference?

… Content creators is a wide term and can be used in relation to creators who make: … and more! However influencers (for the most part) are more social media (5)

… 9 Some — but not all — influencers are also content creators. What makes someone an influencer is their number of followers — not the content on (6)

Popular Pays: Influencer Marketing & Content Creation at Scale

… Popular Pays is a platform for collaborating with creators and influencers. Use the Pop Pays platform to execute your influencer marketing or content (7)

… Whereas influencers attract their audience with their lifestyle and routine work they are always connected to their audiences and maintain a good relationship (8)

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