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Influencer Fraud: What is It and Why Avoiding It Matters for …

… 14 As influencer marketing grows so do concerns over fake creators. what to watch out for influencer fraud can be difficult to detect.(1)


EP 153: Detect And Combat Influencer Fraud With Yaro Pat


… As influencer marketing is the direct way of authentically reaching out to possible customers it is still the epicenter of brands’ digital marketing (4)

Influencer Marketing Fraud – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

… Did you know Fake influencer follower fraud to cost companies $1.3B in . Check out our infographic to know more about the Influencer keting Fraud and (5)

… The influencer marketing industry should reach a whopping 15 billion dollars by nevertheless marketers are more and more vigilant about fraudulent (6)

Influencer Fraud Detection Tools | Evaluate Marketing Risk

… 30 Influencer fraud is becoming more prevalent; we are leading the charge & releasing new fraud detection tools to help detect fraudulent (7)


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