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5 Things That Can Happen If You Drive Without Car Insurance


If you drive your car, you need to have an active auto insurance policy. You can face serious, strict penalties if you are ever caught driving your vehicle without car insurance. There will be some major consequences of driving without vehicle insurance. It includes a license suspension, lack of financial protection if you ever face an accident, costly ticket, and even denying full-insurance coverage if you are ever involved in a car wreck and are claimed as not at fault. Therefore, it is important to have insurance from the most affordable insurance company.

How illegal is it not to have your car insured?

It is extremely illegal to drive without being insured across several states. But, some states offer you the chance of getting yourself insured by a renowned insurer. To self-insure, you should deposit cash or post a security bond with your state’s treasury.

The cost is generally equal to the liability limits of the individual in the state, and it can be about tens of thousands of dollars. Self-insurance is not available as an option among the average residents of the state.

In the US, if you cannot provide the proof of insurance or have become a state-posted bond while driving, you are violating the state’s laws, and New Hampshire and the remote regions of Alaska are the only exemptions.

But, the states impose auto insurance on drivers who have caused an accident or are convicted for serious offenses such as hit-and-run or DUI. Therefore, the at-fault drivers are always responsible for causing the damages.

People who no longer drive their car may become tempted to opt out of the insurance coverage. But, there are several reasons not to do this. Initially, if you select to reinstate your insurance coverage, you will encounter a higher rate of lapse in the coverage. This depends on where the vehicle is parked, as it may pose a liability risk. Secondly, it depends on where the car is parked as it may also be a liability risk.

The coverage for car storage is a better option since you can benefit from the continued coverage and still have some kind of protection. But, keep in mind that most insurers impose strict guidelines that are followed to become eligible for coverage.

Can your car get towed if you don’t have insurance?

If you do not have auto insurance or lapsed, you should not drive your car. In recent times about 22 states electronically monitor whether the registered cars are insured or not. You may face severe penalties if you are ever caught with a registered uninsured vehicle.

If you are ever caught without insurance, it will be up to the discretion of to officer whether or not to tow your vehicle. A cop will be under their right to tow your car since your car insurance is required legally. You can even face the impound fees along with the penalties.

Getting into an accident without car insurance

You may face severe penalties if you ever face an accident while driving without car insurance. You are more likely to get several penalties, including a fine, suspended license, and having your car impounded until you can provide the proof of insurance.

However, this is not all. You are fully or partially liable for property damages as well as injuries that are caused due to accidents, and it will cost you dearly.

Do I face jail time for not having my car insured?

In some states, driving without auto insurance is considered a misdemeanor and can land you jail time. States like Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, and Michigan are a few that imposes jail time. In California, it depends on the seriousness of the offense, and if a cop discovers any other issues at your stop, you can face detainment.

Most states initially give a warning before sending you right into jail. The Hail comes into play after the second or the third offense, and never should you rely on it. There will always be a chance of facing an aggressive judge looking to take a strong stance on uninsured drivers.

How Much Insurance Coverage You Need 

Each of the drivers has varied insurance needs. Across several states, the drivers should carry a minimum amount of personal liability insurance to pay for other drivers’ medical bills and proper damages if they cause an accident.

In reality, the minimum coverage insurance does not offer the right protection. Insurance companies are recommending that drivers upgrade a complete policy with the optional coverages that involve collision and comprehensive insurance coverage that pays for the repairs and replacement of your vehicle after the covered loss.


You should also consider the facets involving the location where you decide on the amount of coverage you wish to purchase from the most affordable insurance company. Finally, the bare minimum coverage is the floor that is legally adequate if the driver is not able to afford more coverage as they should be covered!