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… Account managers and campaign managers can create LinkedIn text ad campaigns in Campaign Manager. Follow these steps to create a new text ad campaign: Note: You (1)


Best Practices for Sponsored Content | LinkedIn Ad Tips

… Over time this will improve your ad relevance score (based on indicators that LinkedIn members find the ads interesting such as clicks comments and shares) (3)

… Manage your LinkedIn Ads settings · Use industry platforms · Use your mobile device settings to opt out of advertising for third parties based on your mobile ad (4)

Why should you advertise on LinkedIn? | LinkedIn Ads

… Advertise on LinkedIn to reach and build long-term relationships with the largest professional audiences by choosing a partner that understands B2B.(5)


Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

… Learn how to plan create and optimize your advertising campaigns with LinkedIn keting Solutions.(7)

… More than 1 in 2 prospects open up a LinkedIn Message Ad. Measure the impact of your Message Ads. See which roles at what companies are taking action on (8)

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