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What is White Label PPC management?


Are you already running a digital agency or just thinking about launching one in Australia? Do you want to expand the range of agency services with the help of PPC without bothering too much?

Here’s something that you might not have thought of before: You don’t need to be an expert or know anything about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to make money from it and serve it to your customers. Even if you are an expert at this, you do not need to spend time doing it to make money from it. Because there is White Label PPC management. Biztoolspro.net has done a market research and they are sure that you definitely need a White Label solution from the Penguin team!

Who should get White Label PPC management?

If you want to offer paid advertising to your customers, but you don’t have the time or skills to do that, then you certainly need a Penguin team’s White Label solution – https://pengstud.com/en/.

White Label specialists will help your clients with lead generation, e-commerce, brand awareness, and support offline sales or promotions, and you can expand agency services and get more profit.

What are the benefits of White Label PPC outsourcing?

PPC agency stands by as your partner so that given the services your agency can offer, you have a real competitive advantage in the industry. But you don’t need to mention the agency to your clients because we are simply an extension of your team.

White Label PPC management allows you not to contribute to the establishment of a new department and maintenance costs.

How does White Label PPC management work?

Here is how the business model works:

  • a potential/existing client orders the Google Ads service;
  • but you do not currently provide these services (oops);
  • you hire another agency to develop, launch, optimize and manage this client’s advertising campaign (oh wow);
  • the client will not know about the other agency, as it will operate under your brand.

How much does the White Label PPC management cost?

The price for White Label PPC management depends on many factors and, as a rule, it’s calculated individually. 

The principle is that you pay the wholesale costs to the White-Label provider and then turn around and charge the SRP to your clients for healthy double-digit margins. You can sell advertising services at any rate.

It’s also good to establish base packages for running campaigns and then tack on a variety of add-ons that you can upsell depending on the client. Examples of add-ons can be viewed above, including boosting, call tracking, hourly rates, landing pages, strategy calls, etc.