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Data visualization: What it is and how it adds value to marketing

… 20 The comparative line graph helps you quickly visualize how your Facebook page compares to your competitor in terms of audience growth by day.(1)

… Data visualization allows marketing teams to analyze every specific detail of data collected for the ideal optimization strategy.(2)

Work | huumun

… All working in harmony to deliver digital strategy multichannel and omnichannel marketing edetailing web and app development data visualization and much (3)

… 7 They also help analyze long-term trends hence improving decision-making. Types of Data Visualizations for keters. keters can use many data (4)

Top 5 Ways Data Visualization Tools Help Marketers | O8

… To create an effective marketing strategy you must track many data types simultaneously. Analytics dashboards come with customizable user interfaces. For (5)

… categories etc. Keywords: visualizing data; managerial interpretation of data; big data; marketing. management and strategy; strategic insights. Note: For (6)

Data Visualization – Dana Momani Site – Datahub Analytics

… Datahub Analytics is a Data Visualization company that provides Data Visualization Consulting Reports & Dashboards Development services.(7)

… 6 And making data visualization marketing part of your web growth-driven This big-picture view can guide future marketing strategy focus (8)

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