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The 20 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Platforms

… 10 Companies that use Act-On can utilize these tools to capture the valuable insights needed to improve marketing content messaging and campaigns (1)

… 25 The best marketing analytics tools and software · Ruler Analytics · Adobe Analytics · Amplitude Analytics · Cyfe · Fathom · · Heap Analytics.(2)

Content Marketing Analytics and Metrics for …

… Without defined metrics and content analytics tools to monitor content performance data content leaders won’t have any answers (a.k.a. Spray and pray).(3)

… keting Analytics & Dashboard Software Measure the performance of all your marketing campaigns in one place with built-in analytics reports and dashboards (4)

Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

… Finteza is a free comprehensive analytics tool. The software provides real-time in-depth website and app analytics to help digital marketers maximize (5)

… keting analytics tools not only report on the past marketing campaigns but also have the ability to perform a real-time and predictive analysis.(6)

16 Content Marketing Analytics Tools That Finally Do What …

… 23 Content keting Analytics Tools. HubSpot keting Analytics and Dashboard Software; Buffer; Google Analytics; SimilarWeb; Moz; Hotjar (7)

… 4 The software also includes features to help users collaborate on data analysis and real-time data visualizations which allow users to (8)

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