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Retail reporting analytics

… Brightpearl’s in-depth reporting and analytics provide you with valuable data about how your business is performing. With automated and accurate statements (1)

… Understand the retail environment and make informed business decisions to drive store performance. Use retail analytics to deliver a complete shopper experience (2)

The Future Of Retail Analytics | EKN Benchmark Study

… expected to have a 96% install base among surveyed retailers over the next 2 years. Inside the report: • EKN’s Business Analytics Software Vendor. Landscape.(3)

… Retail analytics tools – including automated reports intuitive dashboards and convenient data files – make it simple for everyone across the supply chain (4)

Analytics and Reporting | Smart Data for your Business

… Profitek’s decades of experience in working with retailers has allowed us to create one of the most complete set of reporting tools and analytics in the (5)

… Store Analytics and Reporting Easily access store-level information anytime with reporting the way you want it. In the past retailers used phone calls (6)

Retail Insights – Agile Analytics

… In no time your business users will be able to easily create actionable and insightful reports and your dealers can use them at any place on any device (7)

… Get deep insights into your business with our Analytic Reporting for Point-of-Sale Store-Level data. Use this data to increase market share (8)

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